At 3:00 on December 9, MU will march to Germany encounter RB Leipzig in the framework of the Last Battle of the Champions League table. The current table of competitions is extremely complicated when there are 3 teams that won 9 points, only inferior to each other, including MU (Best Table), PSG (Second Table), Leipzig (Grade 3).

Cavani, Martial will not participate in the Battle of Leipzig - MU for injury

Since PSG only met the Istanbul Basaksehir tables on the home yard and filled with the opportunity to continue, Mu was forced to win at least 1 point against Leipzig. However, this mission became more difficult than ever by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed, two strikers Edinson Cavani and Anthony Martial would be absent because of injuries. The duo of the star left the field in the West Ham victory 3-1 last weekend.

In the opposite direction, goalkeeper David de Gea and defender Luke Shaw promptly recovered to the whole team to Germany.

Leipzig does not have an opponent easy to play but need to know, MU achieved an extremely impressive form on away fields. "Reds" to win 5 matches in the Premier League whenever they leave Old Trafford, even beat PSG right on French land. Therefore, Coach Solskjaer didn't show too worry about this match:

"I don't remember how many times MU win or how many tables were taken for 10-15 minutes at the end of the game, only knew it was a lot. It was this helped the team became different from the season Previously. Tonight, the players will prove why they are in the Champions League. "

Besides, Solskjaer also spoke "tightened" Leipzig by recalling the victory of MU's 5-0 jubilantly in the first leg, and insisted that the students would take the goal of winning 3 points, instead of 1 point:

LEIPZIG CUP C1: Solskjaer
MU buried Leipzig 5-0 in turn (Photo source: Internet)

MU buried Leipzig 5-0 in turn

"In football, anything can happen. You can't sit still and wait for the draw. That's not the style of MU. We want to win as before PSG in the first leg. Don't Forget MU also defeated Leipzig 5-0. They are unpredictable and the match is not easy for tonight, we will try our best to gain good results. "