Leicester City - MU (19h30 on December 26) was the battle of the focal point of the 15th round by two teams compared drastically on the rankings. Currently "foxes" ranked second with 27 points, "Red Devils" ranked 3 with 1 point worse.

Leicester - Mu Dai Chien:
Leicester had lost MU pain in King Power in the last round last season (Photo source: Internet)

Leicester had lost MU pain at King Power in the last round last season

Besides the same ranking of King Power, Leicester's advantage is a time a week of rest, while MU must kick the fourth quarter of the League Cup on the morning of December 24 (win Everton 2-0). Remember last season, MU beat Leicester 2-0 at King Power right into the last round to win the Champions League, so the army was led by Brendan Rodgers who were desire to resort.

British Premier League 2020/21 is the strange season when the score gap between extremely fragile teams, each victory can help them advance strongly and vice versa. For example, Tottenham "falls freely" from the top 6-class spot after two loses Liverpool (1-2) and Leicester (0-2). MU also spent the 15th phase of diving in the 15th place but now they flooded in the top 3 thanks to the 7 unbeaten game.

As mentioned above, due to just 1 point, the teacher Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will surpass Leicester to climb the second place of the Premier League with 29 points if the opponent wins the opponent, thereby narrowing the gap with Liverpool to 2 points and the section Which puts pressure on "Red Brigade" (LivePool competes on Sunday).

In case of being held, MU only won 27 points and could be Everton (class 4, 26 points), Chelsea (5th, 25 points), Tottenham (ranked 6, 25 points), Southampton (7, 24 points) Over the face if these teams won.

The worst case, MU lose Leicester, Man City (Grade 8, 23 points) can surpass the rival and the city if defeating Newcastle. At the same time, Pep Guardiola is less than 3 points, with a goal in a goal - a goal to cross MU (+7).

Leicester - Mu Dai Chien:
MU will occupy the second goal if defeating Leicester (Photo source: Internet)

MU will take the second goal if he defeats Leicester

Thus, the lowest position that MU achieved in the case of Leicester is 8th grade, leaving 5 levels compared to the present. That shows the unpredictable department of the British Premier League 2020/21.

Top 8 Premier League present

Leicester - Mu Dai Chien:
(Photo source: Internet)