Andrei Kanchelskis, the former player who knows MU under the time Alex Ferguson in the period 1991 - 1995 recently lost its temper with the dedication attitude of Pogba as well as the manager of the representative of this player, Mino Raiola.

Former this wing star suggests that there is no reason Pogba should appear in MU when the Frenchman continuously "sounds" with Real Madrid.

Legendary MU demanded to chase Pogba's neck, madly because of the attitude
Pogba's attitude cannot be used to many former MU player (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba's attitude cannot be used to many former MU players

"Pogba always talks about leaving MU, so to me, it's better to go," Kanchelskis shared on American Gambler. "If you say it's time, 'I don't like this, don't like the other, want to leave', go on. Go now. Get out. No problem at all.

Of course Raiola is a big debt. He always said that Pogba was dissatisfied in MU. If he wanted to come and play for MU, he needed to open his heart, dedicated 100%. It's embarrassing when Pogba is a good player, "the former Russian star added.

In the past October, when I gathered with France, Pogba acknowledged to play for Real Madrid as a "dream". This is also the most assumed team to contact Pogba.

Currently Pogba is struggling with injuries and does not achieve the highest performance. He often had to sit and lose his position into the rookie rookie Donny van de beek.

Van de Beek's attitude proved "a sky" with Pogba, when in a recent statement, he asserted to play in any position required coach: "Like the previous Ajax, I have Stone a lot of positions. When the number 8, number 10 or even the defense midfielder No. 6. I am willing to serve at the request of the head coach, "Van de Beek said.

In the loss of 1-3 of MU before PSG recently at Old Trafford's house, Van de Beek and Pogba went to the courtyard 2. Pogba into the field after 74 minutes and had a almost a volley, while Van de Beek entered the field after 79 minutes and did not leave many impressions.

Back to Kanchelskis, in addition to the problem of Pogba, the former player has suggestions to Jesse Lingard, involving the unstable of players who have been very expected.

"For me, he is a good player and I think the problem here is that he doesn't kick every game with the same level, like Dennis Irwin," Kanchelskis said.

"He needs to maintain a certain level. This match he can play or but the battle right after that is bad. The problem here is also for the heads, because we need to closely with these players, "Kanchelskis added.