Admire the peak performances of "holy" Iker:

After experiencing a stroke in May 5/2019, goalkeeper Iker Casillas is not involved in the match more times in Porto coat color though still filled Portuguese team on the list registered to play this season.

Legendary Casillas almost died of a stroke at age 39 to retire
Iker Casillas (Image Source: Internet)

Iker Casillas

Despite the rebound, but the latest Cassillas announced his retirement from "shorts shirt number" on individual pages. "The most important thing is the way you go and those who accompany you, not the destination. I can not hesitate to affirm that the path I had a dream, and a dream destination. Thank you all."

Through sharing these words, Casillas want to thank the fans and the team he was sticking in his career. This is considered the first time Casillas spoke for his own future. Casillas retire at age 39, ended 22 years of illustrious career, but also full of events.

In 2012, he happened to conflict with Jose Mourinho and that is the start of the separation with the Royal team. Exiled Casillas on the bench, gradually lost form and before joining Porto in the summer of 2015 in tears.

As soon as the news quit playing Casillas, Real Madrid has sent tribute to one of the legendary team. "Real Madrid want to express admiration, appreciation and love for one's legendary football teams and the world."

At Real, Casillas to play more than 700 matches in all competitions. He and "Herd vultures" La Liga champions five times, won 3 Champions League. Casillas and 2-time defending champion Porto Portugal.

At the level of the national team, Casillas has a total of 167 appearances for La Roja times, second most team history only after Sergio Ramos (170 times). Casillas was the Spanish champion and 2 times the 2010 World Cup to the top of the EURO in 2008 and 2012.