Ryan Giggs is a legend of MU when spending the career to play for the Old Trafford team. He also known as the mirror on the pitch for young players to learn about persistence when playing until the age of 40. However, Ryan Giggs's private life is a dark color array.

Legend of Mu Ryan Giggs made a fans shocked: arrested urgently for hitting a girlfriend
Ryan Giggs has just been arrested for assaulting Kate Grenville girlfriend (Photo source: Internet)

Ryan Giggs has just been arrested for assaulting Kate Grenville girlfriend

He had just reported that MU player was arrested at his former player. The reason is because Ryan Giggs has violent acts with Kate Grenville girlfriend. Daily Mail's source said the police department received a message at 10pm on November 1 on a mess. Ryan Giggs was arrested for suspicion of assault causing body harm to a woman.

The Greater Manchester Police Department staff added about the information of the case: "A 30-year-old woman is slightly injured and she doesn't need treatment. A 46-year-old man was arrested for suspicion of assault according to Section 47 and the common assaulting behavior in section 39. He was bent and left the Pendleton police station today (November 2) ".

Currently, Ryan Giggs is the head coach of Wales so he immediately asked questions about the future of this strategist. According to the Telegraph, the Wales Football Federation (FAW) temporarily has no motion: "FAW has received information about a case-related incident of the national team, Ryan Giggs. FAW will not comment on this issue at the moment. "

Ryan Giggs has been bail and deny all charges

In the latest developments, the representative of Ryan Giggs revealed in the Mirror: "Mr. Giggs denied all accused of assault behavior involving her. Currently, he is actively coordinating with the authorities to clarify the case. "

Previously, Ryan Giggs had been stunned outside of his brother's wife, Natasha and Miss Imogen Thomas. Everything was braked led to Giggs's broken marriage in 2017. The current girlfriend is also directly related to this case of former MU player, Kate Grenville used to be a marketing director of the hotel Hotel Football do Giggs and Gary Neville.

According to the old husband of Kate Grenville, Ryan Giggs is "the third" breaking their happy family but was denied by both. However, Kate Grenville officially dated Ryan Giggs after a few months after divorce, so inevitably "bad sound".