A big shock came to the world football village when the night of November 25, Legend Diego Maradona died at the age of 60 at the house in Tigre (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for a heart attack just over 3 weeks after He must perform surgery for meningial capacitors.

Legend of Maradona as a coach: The wind waves and unforgettable tragedies
Maradona used to be Messi's teacher in Argentina DT 2008-2010 (Photo source: Internet)

Maradona used to be Messi's teacher in Argentina Tel 2008-2010

Just like many other monks, after retiring "Yellow boy" followed a karma as a football coach. However, Maradona did not seem to "cool hands" with this profession, despite being led many famous students, including Lionel Messi superstars and Argentina, but the legend of birth in 1960 experienced many failures .

Starting a career to hold "wind waves"

Diego Armando Maradona began his career as a football coach with the old teammate at Argentinos Juniors Club, Carlos Fren. The couple led Mandiyú of Corrientes in 1994 and Racing Club in 1995 but not succeeded.

In May 2011, Maradona became the coach of the Dubai Al Wasl Club in United Arab Emirates (UAE). But after just over a year, he was fired on July 10, 2012.

In August 2013, Maradona moved as a coach in charge of stabilizing the Psychological Psychology for Argentina Deportivo Rurestra Club. After 4 years, he left this position to become Fujairah's head coach, a team in the second division of UAE, before leaving in the end of the 2017 season when not guaranting a promotional rate for sentences This club.

In September 2018, Maradona was appointed coach of the second-class Mexican Dorados team but could not help them play in the country's highest tournament. This legendary lawyer announced that he asked from Dorados's coach for health reasons.

Maradona then returned to his hometown of Argentina leading Gimnasia de la Plata in the period 2019-2020 but did not win much significant success.

Tragedy losing 1-6 on "high mountains" and the world cup

After the national team head coach Argentina Alfio Basile resigned in 2008, Maradona immediately proposed the candidate for a vacant position in this team. "Yellow boy" surpassed a series of other candidates like Diego Simeone, Carlos Bianchi, Miguel Ángel Russo and Sergio Batista to be appointed to "hot seat" to lead "Albiceleste" on August 29, 2008.

On November 19, Maradona had the first match to lead Argentina when they won Scotland 1-0 in the friendly match on Hampden Park in Glasgow.

After winning the first 3 matches when leading "Tango dancers", coach Maradona and this team had to receive a tiger defeat on April 1, 2009 when he was a guest of Bolivia on the field Hernando Siles in La Paz with a height of up to 3,637m above sea level in the 2010 World Cup qualifier.

Messi and his teammates in Argentina actually felt difficult to breathe in both literally and nature when playing on "high mountains" with such a very diluted atmosphere.

"Yellow boy" is Argentina coach when they lose 1-6 before Bolivia at the 2010 World Cup qualifier

Maradona's most memorable war when leading Argentina, when they won the last two matches in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers in South America before Peru (2-1) and Uruguay (1-0), leaving over "Narrow door" contributes to the "Planet's biggest football festival" in South Africa. Unfortunately, at the 2010 World Cup VCK, "La Albiceleste" lost to Germany 0-4 in the quarter-finals and was eliminated early.

Maradona then was promised to sign a new contract for him to continue leading the national team to the 2014 World Cup. But then, until July 27, 2010, AFA "swallowed" and already The decision to fire Maradona made him feel very pressed.