Two recent seasons, David de Gea showed a unstable form when it was often mistaken in MU's loses. The nearest, the Spanish goalkeeper was criticized as "cowardly" when he was so superficial in the phase of Justin Kluivert's finish (RB Leipzig). The British media continuously asked Solskjaer "Pay" De Gea to Henderson to catch himself.

Henderson made a bad mistake during the day

After many times hesitant, the Norwegian teacher decided to listen to the call in the match against Sheffield United and ... received bitterly. Dean Henderson had a pretty bad match when I met the old team again. British goalkeeper "gifts" for opponents a goal in the 5th minute of the match. This is a glossy phase that shows uncompromising as well as the ability to use a good vacuum of British goalkeeper.

Chris Wilder coach also pointed out a weakness of his old student, which was a shot of decades. Dean Henderson was quite close in the incoming and even reactions in MU's second goal.

Without a reflection phase of rescue at the end of the match with it was the excellence of Rashford and Martial, the goal of the British goalkeeper ended unable to be worse. Legend Paul Scholes suggested that Solskjaer had a "strange" decision when believing in Henderson in this match.

Legend MU disagreement because Henderson, Solskjaer summoned de Gea?
Paul Scholes suggests that Solskjaer should use De Gea instead of Henderson (Photo source: Internet)

Paul Scholes suggested that Solskjaer should use De Gea instead of Henderson

"I think Henderson's bugs in this match come from not frequent play. I was quite strange because Solskjaer used him in this match. Chris Wilder certainly knows Henderson's weaknesses because he plays Sheffield United last season. They hit very quickly when Dean had the ball and he was not a big goalkeeper, so he was easy to understand. "

Meanwhile, Michael Owen does not agree with the opinion of the former teammate. The former British striker said Henderson needed to play in these matches to mature. Solskjaer also explained the reason for using the British goalkeeper instead of David de Gea before the starting match ".

"All new decisions made this morning (December 17), before the game began. I think Henderson is ready to battle. He has worked hard and deserves to get the opportunity . David (De Gea) played very well before Man City but I made my own decision. "

Clearly, Chris Wilder helped Solskjaer clearly in choosing goalkeepers. Dean Henderson has good reflexes but also lacks too much. Therefore, Norwegian teachers are likely to put faith in the student David de Gea in the coming matches.