Recently, three giants of European football including Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have met and agreed to self-organize private tournaments, known as the European Cup to unite in 2021. This is the move to charity for health facilities and victims directly affected by the pandemic Covid-19 last time.

Leaving the Premiership, three
Playground own 3 "extended" European (Image Source: Internet)

Playground own 3 "extended" European

Schedule specific tournament "Three Heroes" will depend on the schedule of other tournaments that 3 teams in attendance, of course, will be significantly affected by a number of tournaments may postpone calendar because Covid-19.

Competition mode of the first prize will be the first circle turn to compute the highest point. European Cup 2021 unite expected to be happening in three big cities: Milan (Inter match against Bayern), Madrid (Real against Inter) and Munich (Bayern against Real Madrid).

"Pandemic Covid-19 attacked too strong in every aspect of the world. The support for the medical staff is essential and this is why we came up with the idea for a tournament in the future hybrid.

With this tournament we want to, on behalf of the European team thanks to the medical team as well as contribute to social work. The name of the tournament has the meaning of solidarity between nations "- Inter president, Mr. Steven Zhang shared.

Leaving the Premiership, three
Without any English team attended this tournament yet (Image Source: Internet)

Without any English team who attended this tournament

Although the tournament between the three "giants" enormity of European football but quite confusing as there are no English team yet appeared. Premiership is still being considered as the most attractive football world but most likely, the uncertainty about the organization of the last time that the prestige and image of representing England is no longer guaranteed in the eyes of the "big" European.

Still, the reason may come from several English teams are always very busy summer tourist season tour, after the tournament officially closed. This led to the sort they could not get the time to contribute in the playground above.