Kieron Conway - Macaulay McGowan is one of 6 performances before the simultaneous shelf of 4 heavy boxing belts between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev at Sse Arena (London, England). After 10 years, Kieron Conway won the score.

Laughing at tears: Barriers beaten stamping still asks MU - Man City match results
Fighting, Macaulay McGowan boxers still care about the Manchester derby result (Photo source: Internet)

Fighting, Macaulay McGowan boxers are still interested in Derby Manchester Battle

However, the highlight of the match appears in the middle of the half, when Macaulay McGowan boxers attempt to ask a member of the Training Board ... the result of the Manchester derby between MU and Man City was in the 12th round English class is also happening. Only when you know the two teams 0-0, the 26-year-old box is assured to medical staff to take care of the wound.

This exciting moment quickly "causes fever" on Twitter, attracting 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments. It is known that Macaulay McGowan was born in Manchester city and was the "intestinal" fan of Man City club.

The defeat before Conway was McGowan's second defeat in a professional boxing competition, though 26-year-old boxers are still maintaining impressive achievements with 14 victories and 1 draw.