2/9 day Jorge Messi and Barca president Josep Bartomeu has owners have a meeting to discuss the future of star Lionel Messi. The meeting was told Spanish media that "not reached any agreement," yet, in the context of Barca wanted to keep Messi with a 2 year contract and refused to sell the player, while Jorge insisted that his son is currently a free agent.

Latest press news transfer Highway Messi: Yes
AS newspaper published new information about the future Messi (Image Source: Internet)

AS newspaper published new information about the future Messi

Earlier when quick response communications, Mr. Jorge only briefly the main idea that "everything is still very troublesome" and he "never talked with representatives of Manchester City or coach Pep Guardiola," about an acquisition public sale. The two sides is said to have maintained the stance after meeting on the appointment of negotiations but on another day. 2020 summer transfer window in Spain ends on 5/10.

Only a few hours later, the first major sports newspapers of Spain bulk upload information from Argentina that Messi "will definitely stay in Barca". Argentine journalist, Martin Arevalo, who also revealed that the burofax Messi sends Barca about the decision to leave in the summer of this year, said that "90% would accept to stay Messi Barca".

Arevalo confirmed "the final decision will be given in this Messi today" (Thursday, 3/9). Besides, also in this shared on Twitter, Arevalo added a different perspective, that Messi "can choose to complete existing contracts, until May 6/2021".

Share of journalist Martin Arevalo

Meanwhile, in the program "90 minutes" of the latest on Fox Sports, journalist Marcelo SOTTILE says "team Messi acknowledged the meeting this nice and capable Messi continue sticking with Barca lift progressively higher ".

Recent developments also a controversial social network is that Barca Messi image used to advertise sample home shirt 2020/21 season. Some people are glad to see the Argentine superstar image is still used hosts Camp Nou. They believe there is evidence superstar 33 years will stay at the club.

However, because of what Messi is present, others suggest that the hosts Camp Nou should not use any pictures Messi to the club's campaign again.