Premier League increases the number of reserves but does not increase the number of rights

The Premier League committee officially announced the new regulation on the right to replace people in the matches. Accordingly, the number of rights to repeat people still does not increase but kept in the number 3, in return the clubs will be increasing the number of subscribers on the bench from 7 to 9. Also each team has the right to use 2 rights to replace people with bridges Prime is strongly collided into the head and at risk of brain shock, but if a party uses the right to replace that person, the other party is also used the same number of people.

Latest news Football in 18/12: Premier League adjusts the law to change people
Premier League for increasing registered numbers but still only for changing 3 people (Photo source: Internet)

Premier League for increasing registered numbers but still only for changing 3 people

Russia does not attend the World Cup, still attended Euro

After the Doping Scandal of Russian Sports, the CAS International Sports Court recently officially announced the project of international competition for 2 years. With football, Russia will not be able to appoint a team to attend the World Cup 2022 even though they are still allowed to play in the qualifying qualifiers, although the verdict still left the Russian ability to bring a team to bring a nominal "neutral "To explain.

Particularly for Euro, Russia is still projected by UEFA which is not considered an international sports organization that is only a continental organization. Russia has won the ticket to the finals so it will still attend the normal prize.

Results of the Spanish Super Cup

The Spanish Football Federation organized the drawing of two pairs of TBN 2020 supporters and the lottery results made Barcelona meet their own teams just met in La Liga, Real Sociedad, while Real Madrid clashed with the remaining Basque team Is Athletic Bilbao (just won at La Liga). Due to Covid-19 translation, semi-finals will not kick in Saudi Arabia that kicks at the neutral ground in Cordoba and Malaga and the final stone in Seville, taking place from January 13 to January 17.

Szobozslai officially joined Leipzig

Hungarian midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai officially joined Leipzig club from Salzburg for 25 million euros and he signed a contract with a 5-year term with the club also belonging to this Red Bull Group. Szobozslai has made attention with the form in Salzburg's shirt and is interested in Arsenal and AC Milan.

The Premier League signed a new television rights

According to some professional newspapers, the Premier League agreed to sign a broadcast agreement worth £ 367 million in 3 years with Bein Sports TV firm in Qatar to broadcast in the Middle East and North Africa. It is worth mentioning that among the clubs to vote on this, Newcastle is the only team that opposes because they want to resolve the owner's change to Prince Saudi Arabia, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar are having a hostile relationship.