Messi's 160 "victim" beer company

Human Events Messi Rolling 644 Winning for Barca, thereby overcoming Pele to become the most discussed player for a club, American reputable beer has came up with extremely unique ideas: Giving 160 Goalkeepers Each of Argentine superstars pierced the number of beer bottles corresponding to the number of tables they had to receive. Even, each beer bottle is also numbered to correspond to Messi's goal.

Latest news Football bright December 25: 160
160 goalkeepers were pierced by Messi, including Buffon for free beer (source: Internet)

160 goalkeepers were pierced by Messi, including Buffon for free beer

Some names with this "honored" must include Diego Alves (receiving 21 goals), Iker Casillas (17), Jan Oblalas (10 bottles), Gianluigi Buffon, Edwin van der Sar or Petr Cech (2). Immediately, Buffon and Oblak were proud to show off a special gift on social networks!

Bruno, Maguire inviouable in Mu

According to former defender Gary Neville, Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire are two players who cannot replace in MU. The one-time legend of "Red Devils" said that coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reluctantly to let the two boys "plow" in every arena, including League Cup because he was not allowed to lose at the moment.

Werner will sit for Pulisic, Ziyech recovery

An interview with Stadium Astro, former goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has ended Timo Werner's performance after the $ 47.5 million star spends 9 "stunts" in Chelsea's shirt. Even Schwarzer said that if Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech are not affected by injuries, this duo will soon steal the main stone from Werner.

Juventus aimed at the Scottish prize

According to The Herald, Juventus suddenly gave Odsonne Edouard, the celtic striker was on sight. The Frenchman was born in 1998, mature from the PSG training oven and impressed when joining Celtic in 2018 (scoring 72 goals / 148 matches).

Arsenal are advised to buy ISCO, invite Wenger back

Emmanuel Frimpong, former Arsenal player in the period of 2011-2014, has just advised the old club to recruit ISCO, the player is grace in Real Madrid to strengthen the power of public goods. Besides, Frimpong said that "Gunners" should invite Arsene Wenger back to play the role of advice whether now, "Professor" is undertaking FIFA's Global Football Development Department.