Premier League tightened back for Covid-19

According to the latest announcement from the British Premier Organizing Committee, all teams in Level 4 alarms in Covid-19 need to perform tests 2 times / week from this time. Earlier, all members of the Premier League teams only tested once a week after the 2020/21 season began. In the UK, people discovered the new strain of Corona virus with extremely fast infection.

Latest Football News on December 23: Premier League trembled because of Covid-19
Premier League tightened back because of Covid-19 (Photo source: Internet)

Premier League tightened back for Covid-19

Messi regret because Barcelona or "fall" points

With the achievement of "LA LIGA 2019/20", Leo Messi has the seventh time to win the title "Pichichi" in his career. During the reward ceremony, the Argentine superstar was regretful because Barcelona often dropped the point in this season.

"We are trying their best to win every game. We are improving every match. Barcelona is in a bad start at La Liga this year. The team must have more points. For example 3 matches meet Alaves, Getafe or Real Madrid, we have created many opportunities but cannot take advantage. "

De Bruyne is about to renew with Man City

According to British Guardian, Kevin de Bruyne is about to renew new contracts with Man City. The source said negotiations began in October and achieved high agreement from the sides. Currently, both are completing some small terms. The new contract will retain the Belgian midfielder until 2025 and the salary falls around £ 350,000 a week.

Leroy Sane received a warning

The German midfielder is losing his performance after moving to Bayern Munich from Man City. Interview with Sport1, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave a warning with Leroy Sane. "I think he needs to adapt to the current Bayern Munich.

SANE must learn how to accept and progress. I believe he will have a bright future here because SANE has natural materials. We are always ready to help sane overcome all difficulties. If necessary, we will kick him into his butt. "

The former Premier Star was investigated by the British Flandest Left

According to the news from Sky Sports, Mr. Anh decided to investigate Bournemouth's Jefferson Lermouth with behavior Biting a Sheffield Wednesday player in the confrontation took place on November 3. Colombian midfielder was determined to deny and will go to the front of the Council in the next few days. Lerma moved to Bournemouth from 2018 and played in the Premier League before falling last year.