Slide matches between Lasks and Tottenham

Tottenham has an important operation to Lask at the Europa League round. The team needs 3 points to win the ticket to continue while the condition of Jose Mourinho teachers is at least not losing. Therefore, his representative still went to troops with the most quality squad.

Lask - Tottenham: dramatic chasing, 6-table labeling (Europa League results)
Tottenham has a lot of difficulties before Lasks (Photo source: Internet)

Tottenham has a lot of difficulties before Lasks

However, the new home team are those with the first dangerous opportunity. Eggestein made Tottenham's audience with a shot to go to the goalkeeper of goalkeeper Joe Hart right after 6th minute. This is an unethical working day of the British goalkeeper when constantly having to save .

42 minutes, Joe Hart had to go to the grid for the first time with the super product from Peter Michorl. The coat midfielder had a long-distance shot, the ball pedal and flying out of reach of goalkeeper Tottenham. Lock seemed to end the first half with the previous advantage but the Andrade defender again touched the ball in the penalty area in the first minute.

Gareth Bale doesn't miss the opportunity to recover from the 11m dots. Lang to the second half, Tottenham soon took the lead thanks to the breakfast mixed and finished with Son Heung Min's right-footed in the 56th minute. After that, the match undergoes the struggling moments.

84 minutes, Eggestein moved smartly, eliminating Sanchez and taking a finish on the corner of Joe not to keep his hand. But the joy of the home team only lasted in minutes by midfielder Wiesinger pushing Bergwijn in the penalty area.

Dele Alli finishes the table on the 11m dots, rebuilding the lead to Tottenham. Lask did not give up and they got a 3-3 equalizer in the second half of the second half with Karamoko's heels. However, that's all they do in this match. Only 1 point, Lask officially was eliminated while Tottenham won the right to continue.

Match scores: Lask 3-3 Tottenham (H1: 1-1)


Lask: Michorl 42 ', Eggestein 84', Karamoko 90 + 3 '

Tottenham: Bale (penalty) 45 + 1 ', Son Heung Min 56', Alli (penalty) 87 '


Lask: Schlager, Wiesinger, Holland, Andrade, Ranftl, Madsen, Michorl, Renner, Gruber, Goiginger, Eggestein

Tottenham: Hart, Doherty, Sanchez, Tanganga, Davies, Hojbjerg, Lo Celso, Ndombele, Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura, Son Heung Min

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