According to the Chronicle Live, chairwoman of the future of Newcastle is Amanda Staveley is facing the risk of huge fines amount to 800 million pounds. This is fine if the loser in a legal battle between the woman-power in English football and financial group Barclays.

Amanda Staveley business woman (Image Source: Internet)

Amanda Staveley businesswoman

Amanda Staveley is regarded as the future president of Newcastle if acquisitions "magpie-robin" of billionaire Saudi complete. With the backing of Amanda Staveley, the rich man came from the Arab was contacting garage Newcastle and repurchase amounts team quickly agreed that 300 million pounds.

However, unexpected acquisition is complex so before the billionaire Arab takeover proposal submitted to the Organizing Committee the English Premier League, the last stage in the process of acquiring Newcastle. Specifically, mass organizations and individuals simultaneously submit denunciations and voiced opposition to the deal.

All agreed that the Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, which represents acquisition Newcastle is not enough prestige and even, are entangled in the "crimes" related to human rights and television rights in the Arab .

Staveley was the one who connected Newcastle and billionaire Arab (Image Source: Internet)

Staveley was the one who connected Newcastle and Arab billionaires

The deal becomes deadlocked over the CEO personally voiced Premier League insists he will reject proposed takeover of all the Arab world. When everything is becoming too difficult for the team northeastern England, more bad news anymore pole broke out and would probably beat Dream "makeover" of them.

Accordingly, Ms. Amanda Staveley has been claim amount up to 800 million pounds. Newcastle future president is expected to attend court because the evidence Barclays launched. Mirror newspaper revealed Newcastle acquisition of the Arab investment fund will be ignored when the big event began.

Former model has just caught in a huge lawsuit (Image Source: Internet)

Former model has just caught in a huge lawsuit

According to Barclays launched allegations, Ms. Amanda Staveley allegedly cheated bank owned by the corporation. Specifically, the woman has no power split profits from the investment business, as well as some major projects the sale of the team in England for Barclays.

The incident happened when PCP Capital Partners investment fund of Amanda Staveley stand between Newcastle and links Arab billionaire. Ms. Staveley promised to pay the full amount as agreed by sharing investment fund her living on Barclays. However, then Barclays did not receive any payment dynamics and patience can not add, this large financial groups have voiced petitioner future chairwoman of "Injecting Choe" court.