Chelsea captain Frank Lampard became angry and continually shouted defender Marcos Alonso after a 3-3 draw of "The Blues" West Brom in round 3 Premier League. Lack of action to curb Lampard occur just before all the Chelsea players and this could be the "last straw" that Marcos Alonso's future at Stamford Bridge almost disappeared.

Lampard barking mad shocking, all doors stay SAO Chelsea Stamford Bridge
Alonso makes Lampard angry "purple hand" (Image Source: Internet)

Alonso makes Lampard angry "purple hand"

The direct cause that Alonso must receive the wrath of Lampard is said to be because the defender left the Spaniards did not want to track Chelsea play in the half 2 which sought to leave the stadium The Hawthorns without permission.

Marcos Alonso was directly at fault for Chelsea's second goal in the first half. Found under the game play, Lampard had earlier adjustments when launching veteran defender César Azpilicueta came just after the break. However, instead of sitting on the bench for the match track team, Alonso went straight to the dressing room and tried to leave the stadium.

This behavior is not permitted under the provisions of Alonso preventing transmission of BTC Covid-19 field. Lampard has been informed of this situation and he proved to be extremely upset. According to The Athletic, after praising the morale of the whole team, the British strategy was constantly berating Alonso with the behavior of the player.

The newspaper also quoted an insider revealed: "The Chelsea players claim they never saw Lampard angry to the point like that. Chelsea manager was really mad with Alonso". Some information also confirms Alonso almost no additional door Chelsea again.

Chelsea's 3-3 draw with West Brom rookies on the field is considered to be a "disaster" defense of the London team. After being lead to 3 goals, Chelsea was able to awaken to consecutive pierced through the defensive half 2. 1 point win in this match is the feat with "The Blues" when they closed the first half with sentiment extremely disappointing and depressing.