Two mixed up in two recent games of Benzema

With a 2-1 victory over Granada, Real has caused tremendous pressure on Barca in the championship race, while Benzema also created a great pressure on Messi in the Pichichi race. The distance between them is only 3 goals (19 goals Benzema and Messi 22 goals). Benzema shines just add 2 more rounds, probably La Liga 2019/20 season will be full of trophies collective and personal with Real Madrid.

La Liga top scorer: Messi Benzema threat, should help this Ramos
Messi and Benzema is still fierce competition for the title of Pichichi (Image Source: Internet)

Messi and Benzema is still fierce competition for the title of Pichichi

Should know, since the tournament started up again, Benzema has achieved very high style. He scored 5 goals in 9 rounds, including two recent games he has 1 goal / match. According to Marca, if kept in high style, fully capable Benzema leveled, even surpassed the achievements of Messi to win the Pichichi this season.

Even the achievement of higher Benzema can even if he is empowered penalty, which Zinedine Zidane's role for Sergio Ramos. So, in the next two matches, will not be surprised if Ramos Benzema made penalty kicks if Real were awarded, and there is also goodwill which the Spanish midfielder should be reserved for allies.

Meanwhile, even led the race for Pichichi from the previous round, but Messi suddenly slowed and went down on the possibility scorer. In the 9 ball after translation, Barca captain scored only 3 goals. Part of this decline came from Messi play back down as a playmaker in the diagram "diamond" that coach recently applied Setien.

Against Leganes in round 38 will be a great opportunity to increase achievement Benzema. Leganes is currently ranked in the "relegation" in La Liga and most likely still have a chance relegation in the last round, but this clearly is not your match with Real. In the first leg at the Bernabeu, Real have won 5-0, while Benzema brace is created and contributed 1 goal.

After Ronaldo left Real, Benzema became the most effective striker of the club. 30 goals he scored last season, including 21 goals in La Liga. This season, he owns 24 goals in all competitions, including 19 in La Liga.

In the last two games, Real continued Villarreal at home and make guests Leganes. Similarly, Barca continued to pitch Alaves Osasuna before. Due to the four-point advantage over Real only need to win one of two games is enough championship.