The goal and tectonic Messi Barcelona in La Liga since the beginning of season 2019/20

Who can overshadow Messi?

La Liga will return to action on the night of 11/6 to and the audience will continue to be monitored under the championship race familiar but still dramatic between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and scramble the remaining capacity of the top 2 4 with the arrival of at least 5 teams.

La Liga back seething:
Messi continues to cause Barcelona possesses the style of champions (Image Source: Internet)

Messi continues to cause Barcelona possesses the style of champions

This season continues to witness excellence in terms of the style of Lionel Messi in the Barcelona shirt, he had 19 goals and 12 is generated. But that does not guarantee the championship for Barca and the rest of the season will be a time of grave tone wait and see stars that can bring outstanding performances to overshadow Messi.

The most notable character is Real Madrid's Karim Benzema. In a season that Zinedine Zidane put on a lot of good players, which is typical Eden Hazard, veterans Benzema eventually still more important than anyone not only capable scorer but also the responsibility of the power could attack of both teams, led by Real in terms of goals & tectonics.

Benzema until now was the only surpassed dozens of goals in La Liga for Real, and between him and who scored the second most, Sergio Ramos, is the distance to 9 goals. That shows rows of "Los Blancos" incomplete and as they improve capacity shelling, Zidane will still have to rely on Benzema.

La Liga back seething:
Benzema & Hazard has helped Real topple Barca? (Image Source: Internet)

Benzema & Hazard has helped Real topple Barca?

But no less noteworthy will be the performance of Eden Hazard, overweight, injuries and many other reasons why Hazard first year at the Bernabeu faint imprint, but the season postponed because the disease was accidentally Belgian superstar for a chance to help Real topple Barca when he has recovered from the condition for the last round.

Hazard is not a goalscorer but through people and is capable of former Chelsea star to create weapons that Zidane wanted at this time. Real this season has been a lot of contributions in terms of reconstruction of Kroos, Modric, Valverde and Carvajal, but none of them is a key enough to break through the defense to lead you by the maker dribbling dangerous as Hazard .

New star rising in the top 4 race

Meanwhile the war the top 4 is an opportunity for a series of young stars, or no more lists you create credibility for themselves. Martin Ødegaard has emerged as Real Sociedad help participate in the race in the top 4 and the King Cup final, but his opponents are also owns the stars very formidable.

La Liga back seething:
Martin Ødegaard is having a great season for Real Sociedad (Image Source: Internet)

Martin Ødegaard is having a great season for Real Sociedad

Sevilla has a strength but Lucas Ocampos evenly with 10 goals scored is becoming a transfer target of big clubs shine though late at age 25. The ability to rock in multiple locations on the strikers and midfielders makes this player is a typical example for the efficiency in the recruitment of Sevilla once again as director Monchi sports.

Meanwhile in Madrid, Atletico fans are low aromatic wait up Joao Felix has recovered from injury to boom as expectations that the public has placed a player fee of 126 million euros. Yet Saul Niguez's new player best rock clubs, and would not be surprised if he goes to a European giants many other currencies when the season ends.

Getafe and Valencia are daydreaming top 4 and are relying on the strikers, but if Getafe believe in pairs attack was over 30 years old Angel Rodriguez - Jaime Mata, Maxi Gomez age 23 and the goal he scored for Valencia will be critical in the race for C1 Cup when Valencia only 4 points less true top 4.