After a series of steps cautiously, La Liga would officially back on November 28. The first round 12/6 with the Bundesliga So, Serie A or the Premier League, the Spanish league is still very much worth looking forward waiting for 12 rounds remaining before a position to make sure from the top of the table until those "arguments".

La Liga back furiously:
Barcelona will play against Real Madrid in the race tough championship (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona will play against Real Madrid in the race tough championship

In the championship race, Barcelona and Real Madrid are making a two-horse race dramatic and drastic. The two teams most traditions of Spain took turns heads in most of the time of the season. Barcelona only really took after victory in El Clasico. However, the gap points and goal difference / lose only 2 points and +2.

This means that Messi and his teammates drew just one game while the game master Zidane a tournament victory at Real Madrid will reclaim the top spot from the hands of Barcelona. This creates pressure to win for both teams in each game and the championship race in La Liga this year can say is the most attractive in Europe.

Not only that, the race win tickets to the European Cup or the relegation battle will be extremely tense and unpredictable. Currently, the distance from No. 3 to No. 6 was not by a victory by points. Therefore, the position of this group may be disturbed repeatedly. Remember, 4 teams will lead the La Liga Champions League while No. 5 and 6 only Europa League.

The price list as well as the bonus of two league trophy has not small differences. Therefore, Sevilla, Real Soceidad, Getafe and Atletico Madrid will certainly fought to get one in the first 4 positions when the season ends.

La Liga back furiously:
Not a football team in the league can be sure their position in La Liga (Image Source: Internet)

Not a football team in the league can be sure their position in La Liga

Relegation race in La Liga is also very noticeable when the team does not give up hope. Most adverse current time is Espanyol, the team is ranked No. 20/20, when they have only 20 points. Origin team Catalunya safety team to 7 points and if you can not win at least 2 wins in 3 rounds to the relegation hope will far for coach Abelardo.

Likewise is the case of teams are ranked penultimate, Mallorca when this team only 3 points over Espanyol right. Meanwhile, Mallorca may struggle with Celta Vigo fair and Eibar for a place to stay La Liga season after just less two opponents in turn 1 and 2 points.

Like the top European league other La Liga back without spectators in the stands. Therefore, home advantage is not as great as before. Thus, unexpected results can occur repeatedly make the outcome unpredictable.

This is the season which is "unusual" in La Liga as Barcelona or Real Madrid even are also stable squad. Camp Nou team lost 5 match, more than the previous season, to 2 matches, while Real Madrid also air to 8 times. Therefore, La Liga back will bring a lot of fun and surprises for viewers.

Invite you to watch the sequel of the situation of force before the start of the team back on December 9/6!