Accordingly, coach Ronald Koeman will be the first match in his capacity as head coach Barca on July 27/10, as well as a match at home to the Camp Nou, against Villarreal in La Liga round 3 framework 2020/21.

La Liga 2020/21 Schedule
Barca started the match from round 3 (Image Source: Internet)

Barca started the match from round 3

Overall, schedule Barca in La Liga next season is not too heavy. Months "Struggle" with Koeman's side was in October (with the match against Sevilla, Getafe and Real), and May (with the game against Valencia, Atletico, Celta Vigo in 5 games).

Because the impact of participation in the European Cup last season, Real Madrid and Getafe will start the new season from the 2nd round; while Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Atletico Madrid and Elche will start rookie on lap 3.

La Liga 2020/21 Schedule
La Liga 2020/21 Schedule Barca (Image Source: Internet)

La Liga 2020/21 Schedule Barca

Champions Real Madrid will start the campaign by protected crown previous trip to Real Sociedad on lap 2. Meanwhile, city rivals Atletico Madrid La Liga season opener to see Granada in round 3.

Confrontation between the two teams desirable Madrid ball will take place in the round of 13 first leg in the Bernabeu (13/12), while the return leg will take place on the field on July 7/3 Wanda Metropolitano in round 26 .

The important match for Real in La Liga 2020/21

Opening round of La Liga 2020/21 (taking place on the weekend of 12-13 / 9) will only have 7 matches, when the match Barca - Elche, Atletico Madrid - Sevilla and Real Madrid - Getafe will be backdated competition.

El Clasico first season will witness Barca play Real on June 25/10 (7), while the return leg at the Bernabeu was put in day 11/4 (30).

Barca will end next season with the previous trip to Eibar in 23/5 days, while Real will face Villarreal at home in the last round.