The last time La Liga champion Barcelona or does not belong to Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid were crowned when in season 2013/14. Since then, the race was replacing two-horse between the two giants of Spanish football.

La Liga 2020/21 attractions: Real - Barca not strong, wait
If Real and Barca continue to weaken, the race La Liga will open (Image Source: Internet)

If Real and Barca continue to weaken, the race La Liga opens

Last season, Real Madrid is more stable in defense to the finish line first, Barca their necks more should finish the season with six defeats and five points behind rivals. Atletico and Sevilla poorly championship team 17 points.

However, the 2020/21 season could be different. Whatever the finish in the championship throne but that does not mean Real Madrid showing remarkable strength. As mentioned, they only knew more stable and focused, accelerated right time. So, with the developments going on in the team, the new season will likely be the opening race, with four candidates Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico and Sevilla. Not much chance for the other dark horses.

To be fair, both Real Madrid and Barcelona are no longer maintain superior strength compared to the entire league as before. "White vultures" no new investment, only supplement a number of players returning from loan. Barca in the last revolution Koeman's so hard to catch up immediately, especially when the momentum of the Argentine striker Messi affected after demanding the departure scandals.

Sevilla are showing growth after 2019/20 Europa League championship as well as the direction recruit personnel effectively. Meanwhile, coach Diego Simeone Atletico would not want to see the play style as the previous season to avoid losing (16 draws).

Want racing champion, Atletico special emphasis must attack. This is the biggest problem with the coach Simeone, when Diego Costa was older still unknown Morata shine in the big games. Joao Felix, Tuesday expensive player in the world has not shown himself worthy of the money. 2019/20 season, Atletico Madrid scoring in the top 7 at least, still less the Granada.

La Liga 2020/21 attractions: Real - Barca not strong, wait
Atletico needed to improve the racing line La Liga (Image Source: Internet)

Atletico needed to improve the racing line La Liga champions

As of this moment, Atletico have spent nearly 60 million euros for the transfer. Of these, 56 million euros to buy out Álvaro Morata from Chelsea. They also officially owns Yannick Carrasco, after the period of Dalian Professional loan players. Work out in, the Metropolitano pitch Wanda spends only 3.5 million euros contract from Lokomotiva Ivo Grbic.

Meanwhile, Sevilla spend 24 million euros buyout Suso from AC Milan. 2 rookie champion of the Europa League - one is the "old man" Ivan Rakitic (1.5 million euros from Barca), a young player Oscar Rodriguez (13.5 million euros from Real Madrid).

Sevilla is a mystery after Europa League 2019/20 championship

Overall, La Liga is still the primary race between Barcelona and Real Madrid, when the forces of the two giants outperformed the rest. However, if Barca and Real kept playing as bad as last season - even worse this season, the championship race when it absolutely has room for Atletico or Sevilla. The problem is that this team must always in the ready and shows the stability necessary.

In the next season, the star will shine or Messi would still dominate with his natural talent? Invited to watch the sequel to 6pm, 12/9!