Ronald Koeman is beginning settled in Barcelona but the Dutchman has not left any mark on something bright. Awarded work "dream" as a hero of the club, but Koeman since power was chasing Luis Suarez goes without regret, to do it with both Riqui Puig and is believed to be the spokesperson "flexing" Lionel Messi if he feared his prestige.

Koeman will conflict with the
Suarez quickly pulled from Barca after Koeman took power (Image Source: Internet)

Suarez quickly pulled from Barca after Koeman took power

Recent stories Koeman sought from the team pursuit Puig causing fans angry Barca. Puig at age 21 is not only a young star potential and has a rock or in the last game of last season, he was a son of local trained at La Masia and can be followed in the footsteps of Xavi & Andres Iniesta. Treat a player "chicken house" so that the cule unacceptable, but unfortunately that man Koeman has been known for so long.

Koeman actually conflict with numerous players in the training industry, and this list has many people who do not mind the medium is at a club, but also the example of professional and lifestyle. Say to these players, just tell them not to say the name: Baines, Albelda, Cañizares, Angulo, Mane, Wanyama, Tadic and many other players.

But perhaps one of the examples that Koeman lost face Oumar Niasse especially when draped Everton player. Niasse has personally tell this story when pushed to Hull City on loan, and told by his very trusted by the fans Everton and Hull are loving devotion of him when playing for two clubs.

Koeman will conflict with the
Koeman damnation Niasse at Everton as soon as new up lead (Image Source: Internet)

Koeman damnation Niasse at Everton as soon as new up lead

"He was very difficult, after the Everton he stripped of my clothes to give to other players," Niasse said. "He said, 'do not you eat with us, you'll have to eat with the Under-21s'. I am no longer in the team locker 1 and the U21 team down, I do not have his freedom and right to three- Lot in wherever possible to be ".

"I did not ask for an explanation of him, because it is the choice of him and spoken very clearly. He said, 'I do not need him, he is not qualified here', and I can only say, 'ok, thank you'. I felt him as if to provoke me to react and have an excuse to drive me away, when I went to see a therapist of the club I've been asked to queue team 1 new done to make ".

Niasse continue to cling at Everton until the end of last season and the fans love

Ironically, when Everton into a crisis of Koeman in season 2017/18, Niasse is one of the few players still kick the ball well and bring little hope though very fragile to hold the seat Koeman. Koeman was sacked but continues Niasse or stone and ended the season with nine goals, including the very important goals as in previous reverse Bournemouth 2 wins & Watford or Crystal Palace a 2-2 draw.

Niasse story was reminiscent hour and make fans even more nervous when Barca saw what happened with Luis Suarez and Riqui Puig. Next Affordable Lionel Messi will turn animosity with Koeman?