Barcelona started the season in a not too impressed, they played well in the Champions League but won 2, drawn 2 and lost 2 after 6 rounds in La Liga that they are standing at No. 12. Although Barca 2 less fighting but Barca have conceded 6 goals in 6 games, in addition, the striker Ansu Fati others are not playing explosion including Lionel Messi.

Koeman said good word about Messi, was the old game of mental mistreatment strong peel
Barca's La Liga start not impressive and the new Messi has scored 1 goal (Image Source: Internet)

Barca's La Liga start not impressive and the new Messi has scored 1 goal

Messi performer is causing much concern for public opinion because he has only scored 1 goals in their domestic league, in fact he scored 3 goals in 8 matches in all competitions, all from 11m. Many have speculated about the reason of this form, or by Messi tripped over yet after the summer seeking to leave the club, or he was not fit and can not play with both personalities with coach Ronald Koeman.

Recently there has appeared an interview between coach Quique Setien and military rulers old village of Vicente Del Bosque, which Setien said intermittent short time he led Barca showed Messi is a "hard to control". But shortly after that interview was Setien other channels opened up about his message said the sentence implies contempt Messi.

In a press conference before Barcelona face Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League, Koeman was asked about this subject and he stressed that between him and Messi had no problems. "Messi does not look like anything is a difficult to treat players. I disagree with Setien, I talk daily and see Messi he is a different man, "Koeman said.

Koeman said good word about Messi, was the old game of mental mistreatment strong peel
Koeman insists he and Messi have a good relationship (Image Source: Internet)

Koeman insists he and Messi have a good relationship

But the relationship of Koeman with players, even as the god with the club, has always been a focus of criticism and recent veterans Joaquin of Real Betis (see Barca this weekend in La Liga) said of Koeman in an interview. Joaquin was draped stage Valencia Koeman led this team and former Spanish players do not have something nice to say about the Dutchman.

When asked whether there would recommend Koeman Joaquin of Real Betis lead after what happened in Valencia, Joaquin laughed. "No, definitely not even invite him to the laundry for this team did not. It was not a nice experience, but I also pass because at least it did not last long and we were relegated. Saturday I will not salute him, and certainly he would not greet me, "Joaquin said.

Koeman led Valencia 2007/08 season when Quique Sanchez returned to replace Flores halfway. Although the King Cup champions Valencia, "flying bat" slipped down to 15th in the standings La Liga and in the Champions League finished bottom panel. Koeman was sacked at the end of the month when Valencia lost 1-5 4/2008 ago after Athletic Bilbao, caretaker coach Voro was the one who helped Valencia relegation.

Joaquin (right) said he would not even greet Koeman when Betis Barca meet next Saturday

That period witnessed a series Koeman conflict with important players of Valencia, even the gods help the club champion 2 times 2 times won the La Liga and Champions League runners as David Albelda and Santiago Cañizares. Lineup struggling relegation of Valencia under Koeman consists of a stack of players: David Villa, Carlos Marchena, Albelda, Miguel Angulo, Canizares, David Silva, Raul Albiol, David Silva, Joaquin, Fernando Morientes, Vicente, Ivan Helguera, Juan Mata and Rubén Baraja.

That was 12 years ago and Koeman still have certain success at Southampton and Holland, however this opinion that will increasingly pay more attention to the movements of Koeman future. And if the relationship between him and Messi deteriorate, afraid he would be ending in Barcelona like Valencia.