According to the information from Mr. Dailymail, Salah will return to Liverpool's main squad on the screen to welcome Atalanta on the morning of November 26 in the Champions League round framework. Earlier, Salah was positive for Covid-19 on November 13 while doing the national task with Egyptians.

Klopp revealed hot about salah, firmino stone currency still praised
Salah shows off photos in Liverpool's Gym (Photo: Internet)

Salah shows off the photo of Liverpool's Gym

This striker was positive for the Corona virus by 3 more times before confirming negatively at the nearest test. This allows you to return to Liverpool and will have a re-export screen waiting before Atalanta. "Mo has practiced very well with the whole team," Klopp said. "Every test returns negative results and if nothing changes, he will play. We will consider what to do. "

Salah returned to Liverpool when this team moved the training ground from Melwood to a new training combination called AXA. The star of the Egyptians do not hide the joy of being back to the managing team when posting a photo in the Gym room on the personal Instagram page.

Salah's return is extremely useful "doping dose" for Liverpool at the present time, when the "storm" injury in Anfield robbed their many pillars like Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Although Liverpool had a 5-0 win in Italy, coach Klopp still proved cautiously before this opponent: "Atalanta is a threat that doesn't need to argue. I look forward to the problems that will appear, always, and we must have solutions available. The result in the previous match has nothing to do with the upcoming confrontation. "

Klopp revealed hot about salah, firmino stone currency still praised
Firmino's performance is worried about Liverpool fans (Photo source: Internet)

Firmino's performance is worried about Liverpool fans

In another development, when asked about the goal of scoring with the reduction of Roberto Firmino's hosts, it would affect the role of this player, in the context of strong competition from rookie Digo Jota , Klopp said: "Scoring is always important to Bobby. But he is a comprehensive player. The team is like a symphony orchestra - different people are different instruments. Some of which shouted bigger than the rest, but were important to the melody.

Bobby plays like 12 instruments in our symphony. He is very important. We can also play well without him, but I all want him to be on the field. In terms of parameters, he's great. I don't have concerns about anything related to him. "

Before the match against Leicester last weekend, firmino only once "opened up", but in front of Leicester unpleasant opponents, "Bobby" had one of his most impressive performances, ending with a table Dinh Thang 3-0 for "The Kop".