16th red card of his career Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is not only a list manually talented but also a player rarely spent his career at a big club in Europe despite a chance to those offering him more money and trophies. Hence the name associated with the Roma Totti, and his loyalty made him beloved.

16 Totti received a red card in his career (Image Source: Internet)

Totti received a red card in his career 16

"Prince of Rome" also has its dark side making career Totti received 16 red cards, many times it is due to hit of cooled enemy. A person easily provoked, but Totti is a specialist in "coffee respects".

Totti has interests fight with enemy fans, especially fans of Lazio's city rivals. A famous story happened as follows: Totti after shot in Lazio in a derby was to reveal a T-shirt worn inside with the words "because they purgato ancora" ( "apple has purged you guys" ). In response, the Lazio fans homemade photo Totti sat on the toilet to put up banners.

"Ca respects" the enemy is but Totti did not remain calm when the opponent a war or even just a little sign of solid play. Martin Keown trap Totti eat red card against Arsenal at Highbury as Roma in the Champions League in 2003, and at Euro 2004 Totti's match the military right after Italy Tel spit on Christian Poulsen of Denmark Tel.

Totti spit on Poulsen at Euro 2004 (Image Source: Internet)

Totti spit on Poulsen at Euro 2004

Trouble in Euro still not made leaving Totti. November of that year, Roma met Leverkusen in the Champions League and the framework to avoid one: planting jump 2 Carsten Ramelow foot, bike straight up shoulder Totti and Ramelow back. Totti was surprised only a yellow card and even received cold. But the next year he inevitably suspended 5 games after punching Siena's Francesco Colonnese because his mother scolded.

During peak season 2006/07 Totti still entangled in fights when Fabio Galante blow to Livorno after being Galante elbow first, then pushing his own fitness coach as he left the field. After once scored for Roma from 11m but not the goalkeeper holds the ball up for grabs, punches the ball closely Totti before punching always on the chest of the keeper.

In the Coppa Italia final in 2010, Roma were Inter the lead with 39 minutes thanks to Diego Milito. Totti came off the bench in the second half but not enough to reverse the situation, and at the end of the game was also released a springboard for Mario Balotelli shot before eating red card. Totti said after Balotelli had repeatedly insulted him and Roma fans, and even teammates Maicon Balotelli is even touching "thank you" for giving Balotelli a battle.

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