Sergio Ramos' red card King "at the" super classic "and the Champions League, playing bad Messi, Aguero

In about ten years, Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) is one of the best defenders with the ability to work on defense very impressed with the ability to record the crucial goal at the end of the match. However, the Spanish players born in 1986 in Camas also notorious for not afraid to use tricks to destroy in order to prevent opponents scoring or "retaliation".

Sergio Ramos each received 26 red cards (Image Source: Internet)

Sergio Ramos each received 26 red cards

The main thinking and playing style of play has caused negative Sergio Ramos had to get up to 26 red card full of ups and downs in my career around.

The last time the star wears No. 4 Real was the referee's disqualification in the match that "white vultures" Manchester City lost 1-2 reverse in the first leg of this season's Champions League 1/8 round on day 27/2 years at home Santiago Bernabeu.

26 Ramos each received a red card which takes place in three major arenas La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey.

Ramos also has balanced achievement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic sad and Edgar Davids to be the player receiving a red card in the most Champions League (4 times). 34 year old star of the Real Madrid player is disqualified most in the history of the game was "super classic" with 5 times the field with a red card.

In this issue, notably that Ramos red card 77 minutes to get in, when to sweep the ball into the left foot office closed the genius of Lionel Messi in the match, "El Clasico" that Barca 2-3 reverse at Real lose La Liga to date 04/24/2017.

Messi repeatedly Ramos bad play in the match "super classic" (Image Source: Internet)

Messi repeatedly Ramos bad play in the match "super classic"

If Messi does not keep jumping avoid crushing blow dangers from the captain of the "white vultures", perhaps the star Argentine striker had a broken leg and face the risk of long-term stay in the match.

In the red card the midfielder ever received, in addition to Messi, the series another player like Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez and Neymar also been the victims he fouls that lead to those captain of Real Madrid was sent off.

Who was sent off more than Ramos?

In soccer history, alongside Sergio Ramos also has a different famous players each sent off more than he. That is Gerardo Bedoya. The former defensive midfielder, 44 Colombians and 49 each have received a red card in 20 years of playing professional football (1995-2005), and is enrolled in the Guinness Book of Records world.

Gerardo Bedoya (left) formidable Sergio Ramos to score each received a red card (Image Source: Internet)

Gerardo Bedoya (left) formidable Sergio Ramos to score each received a red card

In Bogota derby between Independiente Santa Battle Fe and Millonario on December 09/23/2012, Bedoya received a red card in his career 41 th elbowed in the head and then kick the player Jhonny Ramirez Millonario side. Heavy sentence suspended for 15 games until then because of unsportsmanlike behavior of Bedoya this.

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