Pepe excellence like, this is what Real Madrid has proven by his contract from Porto recruited in 2007 at a price of 30 million euros. In fact, the midfielder Portugal is one of the few names that can pairing food ideas with Sergio Ramos in defense "white vultures", and also one of the few who create looks rough Bernabeu for the home side, by playing style "tight guillotine iron nails."

Pepe career tied to tackle phase (Image Source: Internet)

Pepe career tied to tackle challenge

Pepe were teammates at Real assess completely different than what notarized prejudice to him: a sociable player, or laugh, even polite. But when on the pitch, Pepe seemed to turn into a different person. He quarreled with teammate Javier Balboa on the training ground just a few months after coming to Real. And even played 25 games for the "Los Blancos" in the first season, Pepe had to get to 2 red cards.

The label "butcher" is assigned to Pepe as he participated in one of the incredible things that ever happened in La Liga. In the match between Real Madrid and Getafe on 04/21/2009 day, Javier Casquero of Getafe players breakthrough ball into the penalty, the scoring chances. Suddenly Pepe from where rushed, pushed Casquero, "abuse" this player by the kicks in a row even as opponents fell out, stepped on anywhere on the human opponents, and cursed continually.

He played 10 games banned because moments "dehumanizing", the longest in the history of La Liga for Real Madrid player. After that, he was the club for course control themselves. Still, the "demon" in the depths of Pepe still sometimes causing him trouble, though undeniably he brings embodiments defense is very effective for both 7 life coach ever experienced in 10 years caps Real.

In every shot the ball, the Portuguese players are ready to tackle above the level necessary to hurt the opponent and always appear in all the hot spots with a central role. In the semi-final first leg Champions League 2010/11, while Real welcome rival Barcelona. Way match, Pepe was excellent blockade Messi as holding midfielder. However, he was disqualified by a situation prickling foot pedal straight to Dani Alves and buildings to get a straight red card.

That was his last red card in his career at Real, the last time 6 years in color shirt "Los Blancos", he has a lot of self-restraint. The thorny Pepe is still there, especially at the nape of situations stacker Neymar in the King's Cup final in 2015, when the Brazilian had collided with teammate Fabio Coentrao. Neymar mad but can not do anything in front of a warm-blooded Pepe available.

12 red card must be received during the period of 10 years playing for real is not something too terrible, but Pepe has established the only one in his style. Coincidentally, the ideological progress of Pepe also coincided with the golden era of Real Madrid. The real fans love him because every time on the pitch, Pepe always carrying the enthusiasm of a warrior.

Pepe is down "butcher" in the Bernabeu, which no one denies, but he is also a god never faded in the eyes of real fans. Having to fight the mistakes have become a part of everyday life of Pepe, it also creates the image "Angels & Demons" coexist inside guy has the look of this rolling dirt.

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