Trimmel three tectonic just one match in Bundesliga

In football, the situation fixed is considered one of the options to solve the problem most effectively. Goals can come very suddenly from a free kick outside the penalty area or a corner or even throw their opponents to "helpless" seeing balloons in the box.

King is creating
Trent Alexander Arnold - "King tectonic" from set pieces in the Premier League (Image Source: Internet)

Trent Alexander Arnold - "King tectonic" from set pieces in the Premier League

To make good use of the situation fixed, the team needs a free kick specialist. Had a very long, new MU have a player capable of that, it is Bruno Fernandes. Portugal midfielder quickly get two tectonic from a corner and a free kick situation from outside the box.

However, the Portuguese midfielder is still a long way to catch up with many players from the tectonic situation fixed in the Premier League. That was Trent Alexander Arnold Liverpool.

Although still very young and playing in the left back position, but Arnold has shown very good ability to kick. Coach Jürgen Klopp believes English players to perform fixed situations and players born in 1999 as a German teacher not disappointed.

According to statistics from Transfermarkt, Arnold had 12 tectonics after 29 appearances in the Premier League which is coming from half the situations "dead ball". Therefore, this player is called "experts kick" without exaggeration.

Christopher Trimmel

Calculated broadly in 5 league leading European (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy), the Alexander Arnold passed a series of names such as Leo Messi, Angel Di Maria to become the player with the tectonic from fixed several situations ... Monday Europe.

According to statistics from Transfermarkt Christopher Trimmel Union Berlin's new "King is created from dead ball" with the help teammate 7 times as goals from set pieces. Berling Union captain of this year was only 32 years old and is priced 550,000 euros.

Christopher Trimmel had a total of 9 tectonic and not scored in the Bundesliga 2019/20. The managing team Union Berlin are also pretty good competition achievements with 30 points after 25 rounds, a group must be relegated to 8 points.