After Sampdoria goals into the net, Cristiano Ronaldo became the 2nd player in the history scored plenty of all time behind only Pele.

King Football: Ronaldo scored 735 goals explosive Pele choice but how far?
Pele - Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Pele - Ronaldo

Specifically, goals Latest helped Ronaldo has a total of 735 goals in his career, which officially surpassed Brazilian legend, Romario has 734 goals and ranked just after Pele with 767 goals.

Because of this in the latest statement, "King Football" Pele has expressed admiration for Ronaldo after the Portuguese superstar help Juventus Serie A early 9th consecutive two rounds.

Brazilian legend written on the official Instagram account. "Ronaldo is a modern player. He's all that success always comes to those who endeavor and always love what you're doing.

Also, I would like to congratulate the Brazilian players including Douglas Costa, Alex Sandro and Danilo. Finally, I also congratulate Juventus won the Serie A championship. "

Back with Ronaldo, even after 35 years but was constantly in search of new records. This season, superstar Portuguese has scored 31 goals and 6 is created for the team home ground Allianz after 32 appearances, which contributed the biggest help Juventus strengthened dominance in the highest league Italy.

Although "Old Lady" was crowned soon but Juventus still playing 2 rounds again, and this will be the opportunity to Ronaldo continued to shine and win the throne scorer (less immobile 3 goals).

Also with 735 goals in his career, Ronaldo is also just 32 goals away from the record balance of all time, Pele (767 goals). It is entirely possible to become a reality when Ronaldo is capable of playing big will peak from 2 to 3 seasons.

And an average of 1 season keeping record performance of 30 goals or more as now, Ronaldo can completely surpass Pele to be the most scorer of all time.