Haaland ignoring Real

After a long period because Covid-19 paralysis, finally has returned to the Bundesliga last weekend, 16 and 17/5. This is the first tournament and only the top 5 European leagues (England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) back to the post-pandemic Covid-19.

Haaland (yellow shirt) only focus on the game at Dortmund (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland (yellow shirt) only focus on the game at Dortmund

To play back brings excitement for young stars Erling Haaland Braut. Dortmund striker payroll statement, this time he is only interested in the game, do not be distracted by the rumors about his future.

In an interview with The Answer Sky Sports Day 13/5, Haaland said: "I am totally focused on the game, not interested in the attention outside the pitch. I just think about what you to do in every game, that's what I really enjoy. And only that. "

Thus, as can Braut Erling Haaland is ignoring information about the relationship between her with he big Real Madrid. Before that, there are information revealed that the Royal team Spain is attempting to put Haaland about Bernabeu in the summer.

The ambition of "Vultures"

Ambitions of Real Madrid officials were dealt a painful blow. Not only myself not to think about Real Haaland, but the 19-year terms striker signed with Norwegian Dortmund also makes the transfer difficult.

According to Marca, Real trouble for Haaland (Image Source: Internet)

According to Marca, Real trouble for Haaland

Marca said Real BLD initially hopeful, after learning that the terms of the contract with Dortmund in January of Haaland has liberated fee only € 70 million. However, to enable the provision that, Real and any other partners also have to wait until summer 2022 - that is two more seasons.

Wait until then, Real will have to compete with numerous other giants, and not necessarily possess this talented young striker. And in the present, would like to have the most brilliant players in the team Dortmund, chairman Florentino Pérez to pay out hundreds of millions of euros. In the context of the financial foundation of Real Madrid goes for pandemic Covid-19, no one can be sure this team ready.

However, the reality of the 2019/20 season, Real Madrid who aspire to own the striker has the ability to contribute 40 goals per season as Erling Haaland Braut. Since Cristiano Ronaldo gone, "white vultures" lacks a leading place in attack, who has fired 40 goals per season regular for 9 years jacket Real.

Although this is considered a good season by Karim Benzema, the French striker also just 19 goals in 36 matches in all competitions. Also because it lacked a striker prince, Real play bad in both La Liga, King's Cup and Champions League, and facing the prospect of empty-handed.