"Ashley Young, star of Inter Milan, looks almost unrecognizable when returned to the training ground of the club with different hairstyle often. Young, who moved to Inter Milan from Manchester United, has no barber during intervals ly because translation Covid-19 ", a recent Daily Mail said.

Kante, Young revealed appearance
Unusual hair Young (Image Source: Internet)

Unusual hair Young

In the latest photos on the training ground of Inter Milan, Young looks very strange when the roof skinhead disappeared, replaced by a head full of hair is very different, making the entire face he seems also changed . Young new face of immediate attention on social networks.

"Young has cheated all his fans. For 10 years, I thought he was bald," a Twitter user commented humor. "I could not believe my eyes. I was staring at the picture for a minute and still not sure this is the Young ", another user said firmly.

As revealed by The Sun, since to Italy to play, Young has often invited barber "guts" of his Daniel Johnson to fly from the UK to "refine" the roof. Should know, Johnson ever experienced barber for a series of football star name, which notably Gareth Bale, Anthony Martial and Hugo Lloris.

However, with the epidemic Covid-19 raging in Europe, can not be invited Young to fly to Italy and Johnson resigns not cut hair for about 2 months.

Kante, Young revealed appearance
Kante also appeared with a head full of hair roof (Image Source: Internet)

Kante also appeared with a head full of hair roof

Not only Young, a player often appear to face "hair blew" is Kante, also recently appeared with the look stunning with fruit full head of hair is dense, but not the Dragon glossy as usual, as well as pandemic Covid-19 does not allow him to get a haircut.

A fan commented on social networks: "The Kante hair is one of the craziest things." Another wrote: "Kante hair. I repeat Kante had hair." Another fan stunned: "The world is absolutely not ready for Kante hair growth."

In football interval pause for translation Covid-19, the players have to isolation at home to ensure safety. They often appear with a new look on social networks or training ground. Some people get a girlfriend or wife as Matthijs de Ligt haircut or Cristiano Ronaldo. Some people decide beard, hair like David de Gea.

Premier League scheduled to play again next June, when the club had started to return to practice in groups. Meanwhile, the Italian government has allowed the club only returned to training, while Serie A has not yet set a date again.