Last summer, Chelsea made many people admiring the determination to recruit Kai Havertz from Leverkusen. According to DailyMail, Chelsea took a total of 89 million pounds (including surcharges) to obtain the signature of the German midfielder. German midfielder was only 21 years old so grave tone very finest debut of the player.

Kai Havertz explosive hat-trick, Chelsea
Kai Havertz debut as standard in color not Chelsea (Image Source: Internet)

Kai Havertz debut as standard in color not Chelsea

However, the first two matches in the Premier League Kai Havertz not be like that. German midfielder proved inept and not in tune with the tempo highest league of "England". These words begin with tidbits appear more.

Others said Chelsea buy "gaffe" said Lampard still unknown who is using Havertz properly. Though for whatever reason, the British teacher should quickly find a solution and against Barnsley in the League Cup is the answer.

Kai had played Havertz brilliant shine and a hat-trick against the team playing in Division One of the British and helped trounce Chelsea 6-0 (ratio 1 set tennis). Which are the goals of ability to move the ball no German midfielder Kai Havertz and more combined with extremely clever Tammy Abraham.

The first situation, the English striker suddenly dropped ball Havertz have the opportunity to help face the keeper. Two goals later, Tammy Abraham will serve as builders help establish the Germany midfielder easily.

It seems appropriate Havertz play near the opponent's goal than backward on the organization of attack. Of course, against the lower division team in the League Cup is not a dose of "strong reagents" to prove point on. However, the results also opened up a new direction in the use of people of Lampard.

Kai Havertz hat-trick with the help of Tammy Abraham

Besides, the first hat-trick for his new club will also help Kai Havertz more confident. Nevertheless, the German midfielder still only 21 years old and need psychological leverage to speed up. Said in an interview after the game, Frank Lampard delighted performances of new pupil.

"I'm happy with what Kai Havertz shown today. He has undergone two games very difficult before because no thorough preparation before the season. I only worked a few days with him before battle. the use Havertz early is reluctant because we had a few injuries and the game tonight is a great exercise to his team understand how operators.

Havertz took the ball in scoring situations Barkley and his great advantage of space. The way he combined with very good Tammy Abraham. This is a great evening of Havertz. "

Chelsea's next game is a confrontation with rookie West Brom (23h30, 26/9) in the Premier League. That will be the next challenge as coach Kai Havertz if Lampard continued trust.