In a share on PSGTV recently, Director of Sports PSG - Mr. Leonard has shared concerning the future of Ronaldo and opportunities of PSG in the deal: "We can not know football today will what happened. Ronaldo may wake up tomorrow and say: 'I want to play elsewhere'. Team was able to recruit Ronaldo?

Juventus want to sell Ronaldo, PSG immediately
Juventus intend to farewell Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus intend to farewell Ronaldo

A group of teams will compete, including PSG, depending on the situation and the likelihood of success. We prepare for every situation on the transfer market. We are available and priority target assignment. But, the deal nobody can expect them to happen.

Translation Covid-19 has significantly affected the financial situation of many big clubs, including PSG. Leonardo said that there will be many changes, meanwhile, even the richest teams: "We do not think the whole season will be played without spectators. We can not talk about the damage, but can be calculated. Last season, we obtained 15% loss to 20%.

This season may be greater losses. But really afford PSG overcome the financial crisis. Other teams can overcome more difficult. Anyway at PSG, always great expectations ".

Month 2/2020, Soccerex Football Finance 100 PSG is the club assess financial potential wealth in the world, overtaking Manchester City. This assessment was based on five factors: Value formation, tangible assets, cash reserves, the ability to master and debt funding.

In a recent message from the reporter informed member body Juventus - Romeo Agresti Juventus do not intend to renew with Ronaldo in the context of his contract will expire in 2022. Accordingly, the "Old Lady" want to sell CR7 season summer 2021 while he also was the price, in order to avoid the loss of this in the form of white superstar free transfer.

According to Transfermarkt, Ronaldo is worth 60 million euro to fall into. Selling superstar can help Juventus re-invest in young players and partly offset losses. Last season, Juventus 90.5 million euro loss, partly because Covid-19. With around 31 million euros salary per year, the departed Ronaldo will also help fund the salary of Juventus shrink considerably, reduce costs each year.

Ronaldo still keep in top form, recording more goals in Europe's top prize in 2020, with 26 goals. This season, he scored six goals, creating two goals in 380 minutes of play in the Champions League and Serie A. On average 47 minutes, the Portuguese superstar scored or tectonic.