Juventus are not in good form in the recent period. Serie A champions are going through the chain 2 consecutive games can not win, and just 3-0 against Napoli after the Serie A treatment BTC losing visitors.

Juventus victory C1:
Morata shine brightly, helping Juventus win (Image Source: Internet)

Morata shine brightly, helping Juventus win

Marched to Kiev amid poor form has no main striker Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventini have reason to fear for the darling team. Remember, the home team Dynamo Kiev owns a chain of 12 games unbeaten in all arenas.

In the context of distress, coach Andrea Pirlo put the whole hope of the attack on the "brother" Álvaro Morata. Pirlo and Morata ever sticking phase when Italian military rulers also played in the Juventus, so he understands the "Prince of Spain" where this talent.

Responding to the trust that is a screen shine brightly by Álvaro Morata. With 46 minutes brace on and 84, Morata helped Juventus win the military day. 3 points on Ukraine will help land more confident Juventus in the race to the top of Group G with Barcelona. Although "Old Lady" is still ranked second to turn the military, but still more than 5 rounds to people Turin surpassed "giant Origin Catalunya".

In their last match, as soon as the second half started, Álvaro Morata name on the blackboard filled with situations ratio seize the opportunity after playing off of Kulusevski defended. 84 minutes, he completed the double with ice maker in a header from Juan Cuadrado's cross.

With Dynamo Kiev scored twice against Alvaro Morata 3 goals in 3 games for Juventus. This is not an affirmation of Morata more trenchant in his class, the ability to take on Juventus attack. And so, Juventini also assured in the context of superstar Ronaldo can not return.

Morata is replaced Ronaldo in attack Juventus shouldering

This brace also helps prepare Álvaro Morata sweet to age 28. On 23/10 come here, striker born in 1992 will welcome a new age. 2 goals against Dynamo Kiev striker helped Real are undergoing the most memorable birthday career.

Álvaro Morata back Juventus as a loan from Atletico Madrid. About to enter the age of 28, Morata need to play the best new hope to convince the leadership "Old Lady" spent 45 million euros buyout him from Atletico. Morata is indeed make good use of every opportunity you have the smallest.

After defeat in Chelsea and Atletico, Juventus is everything Álvaro Morata can hope for salvation for the final stage of his career. And he is slowly showing themselves worthy to replace Ronaldo, amid rumors about CR7 will join PSG this 2020/21 season after one day burst.