A few days ago, the world press ro Barcelona and Juventus rumors are about to reach an agreement to exchange players. Turin club will have midfielder Arthur while the Camp Nou will receive about Miralem Pjanic midfielder. Valuations on the transfer market of two players is equivalent (50 million pounds).

Juventus surprise
Barcelona agreed to exchange Arthur took Pjanic with Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona agreed to exchange Arthur took Pjanic with Juventus

Calcio Mercato Italian Sheet, this is just the first step in the plan "continuum" of Barcelona when the two goals are really aimed to central defender and midfielder De Ligt Bentancur. Barcelona wants Juventus put two players on the negotiating table after "suffer" in the Arthur-Pjanic deal.

However, Juventus do not agree with this plan, especially in the case of Bentancur. This is the coach's favorite player and teacher Maurizio Sarri Italian midfielder is targeting 22 year old is the boss of the Juventus midfield.

"Bentancur gives us balance. He is very young and has great potential for development. Bentancur extremely important to us and will be the backbone of the club long term. "

Although Juventus have said "no" but Barcelona continued to pressure in the negotiations. Barcelona continual Bentancur on the suggestions but encountered tough coming from the Turin club. Leaders Juventus are also very tough and does not intend to change. Their "green light" for the acquisition Arthur-Pjanic but De Ligt and Bentancur are two names "untouchable".

Juventus surprise
Bentancur is "inviolable" at Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Bentancur is "inviolable" at Juventus

Calcio Marceto sheets reveal another cause that Juventus are determined to keep Rodrigo Bentancur contract with Boca Juniors. Turin club Uruguayan midfielder for just 9.4 million euros, but with a series of clauses attached.

Including Juventus will be divided by the Boca Juniors from 40-45% of the transfer value Bentancur if the Turin club sold midfielder Uruguay. Currently, the sports director Paratici are trying to work with the Argentine club to delete this provision and replace it with a different provision.

Accordingly, the ratio of money transfer Boca Juniors received in the deal Bentancur will fall each year in return for Juventus will pay a fixed amount of 2 million euros / year until the end of 2024. However, the team champions Argentina no sign of consent and from now until then, Juventus hardly to Bentancur leave.