Thursday night seemed to be gentle evening Juventus crowned Serie A championship 9th consecutive season after Inter Milan opened the way for Fiorentina draw a day earlier. But after the lead with goals from De Ligt MATHIJS, "Old Lady" shock 1-2 defeat with goals scored in the 90th minute set + 2.

Juventus lost to shock: Sarri
Title of newspaper Tuttosport in Turin: "No party" (Image Source: Internet)

Title of newspaper Tuttosport in Turin: "No party"

Throw away "championship point" in a match they had in that win, Juventus surprised the Italian media and quite negative reactions appeared after the match. Turin newspaper Tuttosport also have to put in quite disappointing headline: "No party" ( "niente festa"). But it does not have to be a pessimistic response when talking about championship prospects of Juventus,

La Gazzetta dello Sport points sheet back in shape by the defending champions and they rated it bluntly that Juventus could lose the championship as play. "5 match was over, 1 win, 1 draw and 3 fail, earn maximum points and 6/15 only conceded 12 goals. That is not a target for Juventus tape, which is a Juventus ran coughing up points and the points of which are falling increasingly significant ", this newspaper article comment.

"If they lost their next two matches before Sampdoria and Cagliari, and only won one point after two rounds that Atalanta can cause sweating Juventus in the round of 38 if they win both AC Milan & Parma. Listen Impossible idea, but Juventus have shown with recent performances that can happen. "

Juventus lost to shock: Sarri
"Enough, go away" - the headline of Corriere dello Sport (Image Source: Internet)

"Enough, go away" - the headline of Corriere dello Sport

Coach Maurizio Sarri is the character most severely criticized after the game. Corriere dello Sport reviewed the harsh reaction of Juventus fans on social networks after the match and they also separate article entitled "Enough, go away".

This newspaper commented that Sarri showed no sign of intending to modify what and Juventus should decisively with the military rulers to rescue hopes winning the Champions League after losing the first leg Lyon. This sheet also shows an irony: "Luca Gotti, coach of Udinese, was assistant Sarri in Chelsea just last year alone. With a squad is not as strong but Gotti showed ability military situation than Sarri in the last 90 minutes. "

Meanwhile English website specializing in football 90min that the Juventus player was uncomfortable hours together rock as before because the restrictive strategy. "How many times Ronaldo beckoned with his hand running room to wait for the ball, but the midfielder Juventus to pass on for defenders? This is a clear example of the negative that a coach makes impact on the ability to play well importance of a star, but with such cases often can not remain the coach, "the article reads.