The confrontation between Juventus vs Ferencvaros belongs to the fourth series of Champions League rounds in the 2020/21 season. The current face of Table G is quite bright for ITALIA representatives when teachers Andrea Pirlo are temporarily rating with 2 wins and 1 failure. Meanwhile, Ferencvaros's achievement after 3 matches is only 1 point. Therefore, the opportunity to take the ticket to the Hungarian representative was almost no longer.

Juventus Football - Ferencvaros: Mission forced to win
Ronaldo and teammates stand in front of the opportunity to take the ticket to continue at the table (Photo source: Internet)

Ronaldo and his teammates stand in front of the opportunity to take a ticket to continue at the table

In this table, Barcelona is a team that occupies the upper room with 3 full matches. He came from Spain almost 99% won the ticket to continue. Because of that, the remaining ticket will be Juventus's competition with the two teams with only 1 point of Dynamo Kiev and Ferencvaros.

The theory is that, but as well as Barca, it's too hard for the other ticket to escape Juventus's hand. Just a victory against Ferencvaros, at the same time Barca defeated Dynamo Kiev during operation to Ukraine, the ticket continued to officially belonging to both the strongest team team.

3 points are mandatory tasks for Juventus home team

At the first leg, Juventus had a 4-1 victory right on Hungary land. It was the match that Ferencvaros revealed many errors in defense and giving Ronaldo and his teammates. During the upcoming trip, Ferencvaros will certainly strive to improve the defensive ability with lessons learned from the first leg.

However, "old lagoon" into Turin understands that 3 points will help them put a foot to the knock-out round and therefore, victory is another impossible task for the home team.

Estimated ratio: Juventus 3-0 Ferencvaros