Although it must be a guest front of Juventus, Ferencvaros is more active in the first minutes and the team has the first finish. Meanwhile, Juventus played loudly and had problems in the way of deploying attacks.

Juventus - Ferencvaros: Ronaldo imprint, died at the end of the game (C1 Cup football results)
Ronaldo shines at Juventus to need him the most (source: Internet)

Ronaldo shines at Juventus to need him

The 15th minute, Ronaldo had a rare breakthrough from the beginning of the battle to the bottom of the border and passed on the convenience to Dybala to go to close to the city, but goalkeeper Dibusz saved successfully. But only 4 minutes later, suddenly happened when Tokmac took the wrong use of Juventus's defense before passing the ball "Clearing" to Uzuni the ball to cut the face successfully, opening the match scores.

After the early goal, Ferencvaros defended the majority and Juventus monotonously attacked. But Ronaldo proved his presence on the field with a shiny ball that shines the right superstar level. 35 minutes, CR7 gently pushed the ball over 2 Ferencvaros players before firing a left-footed shot from outside of the box of Dibusz, equalizing 1-1.

The second half witnessed Juventus to push the squad and squeeze intense yard. The 58th minute, Ronaldo almost had the opportunity to set up after the pass on the carelessness of a defender Ferencvaros, but the goalkeeper Dibusz was in time. Just 2 minutes later, Bernardeschi controlled a beat before kicking the kick very quickly with his left foot, the ball went to the right column along the goal of Ferencvaros.

69 minutes, Ronaldo missed a chance to settle. CR7 came down to face goalkeeper Dibusz, tricked himself but stumbled in the final ball and missed the shot into the empty net. By minute 77, the vertical column once again saved Ferencvaros after a narrow corner in the penalty area of ​​Morata.

The matches of matches will close with the ratio of drawing in compensation for the second hour, from a situation where there is nothing too dangerous, Ferencvaros defense is wrong when it doesn't attach Morata from Cuadrado's cross, to The Spanish striker was comfortable to head and Dibusz then couldn't catch the ball, watching the ball floating into the net.

Winning at the last minute help Juventus had 9 points after 4 matches and officially joined Barca into the next round.

General: Juventus 2-1 Ferencvaros (1st half: 1-1)


Juventus: Ronaldo 35 ', Morata 90 + 2'

Ferencvaros: Uzuni 19 '


Juventus: Szczesny, Cuadrado, Danilo, De Ligt, Alex Sandro, McKennie, Arthur, Bentancur, Bernardeschi, Dybala, Ronaldo.

Ferencvaros: Dibusz, Lovrenchics, Blazic, Frimpong, Dvali, Heister, Siger, Somalia, Zubkov, Uzuni, Tokmac.

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