Finals Coppa Italia, Juventus are rated higher than with Napoli. But coach Maurizio Sarri's men failed series "gunfight" before opponent. And indeed in the whole match, "Old Lady" was completely overshadowed.

Juventus disillusioned eat 3: Coach Sarri criticized Ronaldo, ultra sharp counterattack sister
Ronaldo disappointed in the Coppa Italia final (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo disappointed in the Coppa Italia final

This failure caused the official Juventus dream tan 2019/20 treble season. Front Turin club's Serie A title race full of uncertainties when Lazio just over 1 point, and must re-match after losing 0-1 Lyon in the first leg. Overall, the performances of Juventus this season pretty bad.

After the defeat to Napoli, coach Sarri shocking display criticize the stars of the team: "Ronaldo and partners of him, Dybala and Douglas Costa played less astute in this match. I am extremely disappointed the performance of the game, but the best thing at this time is silent. I will speak to them tomorrow. "

This military rulers added: "Two consecutive 0-0 is unprecedented and obviously it brings a lot of frustration at the moment. The whole team, players and fans are not satisfied on past performances. "

Looking at the evolution of this match, Cristiano Ronaldo has indeed disappointing performances against Napoli. Portugal striker shot hit the crossbar 3, 1 of which goes wide. He only Whoscored dot 6.8 points, far less than the peak Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is (7.7 points).

Also, coach Sarri also said the lack of innovation is one reason why Juventus can not beat Napoli: "We have chosen the tactic is not like normal. We put pressure on lower level , keep a distance so as not to be left too far. We have been doing it but lacked the creativity to create chances more dangerous. "

This is the first time in his career peak, Ronaldo had to admit defeat in two consecutive matches Cup competition. Before that, he came just couldn¹t Italy Lazio crowned Super Cup in 2019 after 1-3 defeat at the hands of Lazio.

Juventus disillusioned eat 3: Coach Sarri criticized Ronaldo, ultra sharp counterattack sister
Sarri coach disappointed with Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Sarri coach disappointed with Ronaldo

Sarri coach was criticized by name his name, but Ronaldo remained silent attitude. Instead, the sister of superstar Portuguese voiced countered Italian military rulers. Personal page on Instagram, Elma Aveiro - Ronaldo's sister did not hide his disappointment about the failure of Juventus in the Italian Cup final against Napoli.

Sister Ronaldo strong offensive against Maurizio Sarri on social networks: "He (Ronaldo) can do anything else? He can not create miracles. Ronaldo also not always able to shine. I do not understand how he (Sarri) may say so. Anyway, he remained undaunted, he could not do better again. "