Nostalgia named Ronaldo

Round 9 Serie A witnessed efforts to escape dependence on Cristiano Ronaldo coach Andrea Pirlo. The rival of the champion is Benevento, which is only assessed as a "tiny guy" when he must be compared to the giant into Turin.

Coach Pirlo is still trying to escape the dependence on Ronaldo but not successful

Alvaro Morata takes Juventus a lead in the 21st minute but they were equalized by Benevento in compensation of the 1st half by Gaetano Letizia. In the second half, "Bianconeri" could not find a goal. 1-1 draw made Juventus continues to rank 5th in the Serie A team with AC Milan defeating Fiorentina 2-0, coach Pirlo's team is currently inferior to the top team to 6 points.

After the match, decided to give Cristiano Ronaldo to rest by Andrea Pirlo to receive many mixed reactions. When asked about the Portuguese, Juventus legend said he met a slight injury but still tried to the stone field with Ferencvaros in the middle of the week in the Champions League.

Coach Pirlo told Sky Italia: "Ronaldo met a small problem in the middle of the week but still wanted to play in the Champions League so I couldn't do anything else. After the focus on the national national, he was clear that he needed to rest but it was not easy to convince Ronaldo to sit outside. "

The young general came down: "Ronaldo is of course very important to Juventus, but we have to try to achieve the best results possible even if he is absent. However, the Juventus player had to play continuously, even to return to the national obligation that we didn't have any other choice. "

Negative dependence

Despite the relatively good return and integration of Alvaro Morata, Juventus was still too dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo. There is no need to talk about big rivals like Lazio or AS Roma, keep looking back on the achievement of the "old lagoon" in the two conflicts with the teams that have just given the rights to be promoted to understand that dependence so much Come on.

Juventus crisis: too dependent on Ronaldo, hot pirlo chair wobbly
Ronaldo still has too big influence on Juventus play (photo source: Internet)

Ronaldo still has too big influence on Juventus play

In the first two rivals rated in Serie A, Juventus was very struggled without Ronaldo. Before Crotone, Juventus had to receive a 1-1 draw. In a day lack of leaders in public goods, Federico Chiesa is too young and must receive a red card.

At Spezia's confrontation at Dino Manuzzi, until 56 minutes, Juventus was holding a draw. When Cristiano Ronaldo entered the field once for Paulo Dybala, everything changed. "The 35-year-old agency scored a double, helping the defending champions to win with a 4-1 score.

Former player Rentao Buso was unhappy when witnessing the old team still depending on a 35-year-old player: "Pirlo does not prove his mark. Juventus plays more attacks but depends a lot on individuals, including Ronaldo. Many Juventus matches are hard to lack CR7, they need to change this immediately. "

This legend said: "AC Milan is doing extraordinary things, which makes the race in Serie A a lot more attractive. Pirlo still has a lot of things to do, Juventus still has problems to overcome. I hope the team will less depend on Ronaldo in the future ".

In the middle of this week, Juventus confronted Dynamo Kiev in the fifth round of the Champions League 2020/21 round at 3:00 on 3/12 (Hanoi time). Although it was definitely a ticket to the knock-out round as "old lady" still need a victory, creating momentum for Barcelona back to the last round, thereby taking the top spot G. Ronaldo promises to come back , and the Turkin expects CR7 to shine and Juventus won 3 full points.