Some newspapers in Italy recently suddenly said coach Zinedine Zidane of Real Madrid has exposed not directly with a representative of Juventus, to talk about the possibility Zidane to lead the "Old Lady" for the season 2020/21. Contacts are taking place that Real Madrid were not informed.

Juventus' away night
Juventus are believed to have "back-door" inviting Zidane (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus are believed to have "back-door" inviting Zidane

Newspaper La Republican said although Zidane being president Florentino Perez believes tasked with rebuilding Real Madrid, but the relationship between them is not enough strong to the extent Zidane the faithful to "Los Blancos" to all contracts ( 2022).

Zidane was standing before a transfer is quite important when you want to bring in as many top players, but president Perez are reining in spending and has rejected several proposals of Zizou, which is typical midfielder Paul Pogba's MU.

Sources said 47 year-old coach is not actively in touch with Juventus, but his concern with Juve coach seat is not small. Although there is a season, not bad but Juve's playing style does not impress and Maurizio Sarri many say can not be seen as a long-term option.

Zidane played five seasons at Juventus before moving to Real Madrid, but the relationship between the two sides is still quite strong. Zidane has good relations with members of the Agnelli family during his career, and when he was beginning to lead Real Madrid in 2016 he appointed fitness coach when I was playing for Juventus to forging the players.

How to organize Zidane on as a manager, is said to be influenced from coach Marcello Lippi is quite large. And of course in Turin he would be reunited Cristiano Ronaldo, who has Champions League 3 times in a row and the first La Liga title under the guidance of Zizou. Familiarity will is what makes Zidane excited about Juve.

Juventus' away night
Ronaldo and Zidane reunited in Turin? (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Zidane reunited in Turin?

La Republican said that Zidane's Juventus talking to people upset with the Real Madrid because they are of course other teams five bared "robbed" his head coach. But the Real also expressed dissatisfaction with Zidane because this is a manifestation of a lack of loyalty, President Perez had trusted him very much and gave him full power to transfer last summer for the purpose of building war machine lasting victory.

Due to seasonal epidemics are not convenient to the parties to speak directly, but the Real Madrid will clarify the intent of Zidane after the team returned to training. President Perez hoping Zidane will deny Juve and focus on the job at Real, because he really did not want to hire a new coach at this time.