The establishment phase of Ronaldo impressed in Juventus:

Many pillars risk "to the street"

According to Tutto Sports, leaders Juventus could create shocks. That is not to renew contracts with several key players, including goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon legend, Giorgio Chiellini captain and central midfielder Blaise Matuidi has contributed.

Juventus anguish: Keep Ronaldo sacrificing series of god
Juventus may have to sacrifice trio Matuidi, Chiellini and Buffon (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus may have to sacrifice trio Matuidi, Chiellini and Buffon

Earlier, it was reported Juventus are preparing a contract extension with three additional one-year player. Their contract will expire at the next 30/6. But the shock was entirely possible to, when Tutto Sports confirmed, "Old Lady" are really struggling financially because of pandemic Covid-19.

Of these, Buffon is the most famous legendary club history. Chiellini is the captain and contributed to this team all the way from 2005 to present. Matuidi also had many contributions you've played 31 games in the 2019/20 season, and is a name that is both Juventus coach Allegri life past or present are preferred Sarri.

There are news that Juventus will sell Cristiano Ronaldo to minimize the wage fund for the team. But after all, Buffon, Chiellini and Matuidi are the ones who are at risk of liquidation of the contract.

Basically, the trio Buffon, Chiellini and Matuidi - may still be certain contributions on the pitch, but did not bring financial performance. Meanwhile, Ronaldo meets all the requirements, from professional to commercial value. So, if I had to choose, of course, the balance tilted towards CR7.

Keep Ronaldo, continued to pursue his dream to conquer the Champions League

Above all, Ronaldo is the focus of the grand plan of conquering the Champions League Andrea Agnelli President. The last time Juventus Champions League in season 1995/96. After his glorious victories, "Old Lady" has added 5 times to go to the final. Unfortunately, people do not win in Turin in the whole 5 finals that.

Champions League is also reason to Cristiano Ronaldo was brought on Allianz. Until now, CR7 is still the hunters of the league title, the record holder with 5 times 7 times crowned with holding the title of top scorer.

Juventus anguish: Keep Ronaldo sacrificing series of god
Turin who will try to keep Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Turin who will try to keep Ronaldo

And so, people accepted dismissed Turin some old values ​​- Buffon or Chiellini as to maintain the presence of Ronaldo. According to estimates, if CR7 finish 4 years contract signed in 2018 summer, the deal would cost up to 225 million euros Juventus, including 105 million euro transfer fee and wages 120 million euros.

But even excluding salaries of Buffon, Chiellini Matuidi and - a total of 8.5 million euros / season, also still nowhere. Therefore, the source of Tutto Sports revealed, Chairman Agnelli able to hand with some other players.

Those in sight may be Rabiot, Gonzalo Higuaín and Aaron Ramsey. Here are 3 players in the top five stars are the highest paid in the Allianz. Higuain received 7.5 million euro salaries / season, this number along with Ramsey and Rabiot 7.

If this trio sold in 2020 to this summer, Juventus could save 21.5 million euros per year. Clause 8.5 million euros accompanied by savings from Buffon, Chiellini and Matuidi, the total number was 30 million euros. And that is enough evidence for them to retain superstar Cristiano Ronaldo - who paid 31 million euros / season.