Juventus attack "lame"

Results 1-1 at home to draw Hellas Verona was the third Juventus in Serie A after 5 rounds. This clearly is not the game that the pupils of coach Andrea Pirlo played good enough as the expectations of the fans.

Juventus 3 draws in Serie A: Me Ronaldo, Messi play anxieties - Barca
Juventus (pink shirt) only on home air-Verona (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus (pink shirt) Air only Verona home

Not quite as Juventus lost the dominant position in the game. These statistics indicate that the Serie A champions will always overwhelm the ball. The pupils of coach Pirlo's finish almost four (22 versus 6), 62% of the ball, and kick off the second half half half to about 10 minutes of the second half.

However, what the Juventus star orchestra brings most is the feeling of regret. Four minutes before the break, Juan Cuadrado shot against the crossbar. Official minutes of the last half, Morata visitors to hit the net but the referee determined the Spanish striker has Vietnamese taste.

Actively play attack of the game after the whistle but faced Juventus play defense - counterattack very uncomfortable Hellas Verona, the team conceded only 1 goal after 4 opening round. After 16 minutes, Juventus had the net shake-up after finishing the access point of Ebrima Colley. However, this goal Hellas Verona's not recognized as Vietnamese error status.

In this match, Paulo Dybala rated soccer the first time after 3 months. However, in front of the high organizational Hellas Verona, Juventus ball fall into deadlock. Whatever works very hard but at the teammate Paulo Dybala can not make a difference.

Nostalgia named Ronaldo

By this time, the new Turin miss superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to dial intolerable. CR7 is still in the stage after positive isolation with Cvoid-19. No Ronaldo, Juve attack becomes sharp shortage in situations where they believed they would have if the definite goal is superstar owns 5 Golden Ball.

Juventus are playing bad without Ronaldo

Clearly there is a mini crisis on the performance of Juventus attack. Achievement of this team with and without Ronaldo is very clear. Thanks to three goals by Cristiano Ronaldo and treated wins against Napoli, Juventus hold a place in the top 4, with just 2 points behind league leaders AC Milan.

But when the Portuguese superstar sidelined since suffering Covid-19, Juventus has now thrown out of the top 4 in Serie A, risk behind leaders AC Milan to six points. Last round, they are bottom of the table to the Crotone 1-1. This round, narrowly lost to Juventus even barely Hellas Verona and won a point thanks to equalize 77 minutes Dejan Kulusevski.

After the positive signals earlier in the season, Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo's soon faced difficulties due to lack of the most important star team. 41 year old teacher tried contrive, from the change from a 3-4-3 to a 3-5-2 scheme, or testing Paulo Dybala alongside Álvaro Morata, but all is not effective.

At 3pm on 29/10 (Hanoi time), Juventus will enter a great battle with Barcelona. Medical team of the Turin club are still waiting for the final test with Ronaldo, to see the Portuguese superstar is right to play in this match or not.