Fans accustomed to the presence of Sadio Mané, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah in attack Liverpool for 3 years. But in the 2020/21 season, a new factor appears and changes everything: Diogo Jota.

Juniors Ronaldo 6 goals / 4 games, Liverpool have
Jota are five main bared stone robbery Firmino interest in Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Jota are five main bared stone robbery Firmino interest in Liverpool

According to statistics, the rookie was worth 45 million pounds scored 7/10 Appearances "Red Brigade", including up to 6 tables / 4 recent games, achievements awfully impressive. Remarkably, Jota Liverpool which was recruited as backup solution for Salah - Firmino - Mane, but he always played steady, even "fired" regularly whenever given the chance.

In Atalanta clash of Champions League group stage, coach Jürgen Klopp suddenly pushed Firmino on the bench, put the last stone Jota Salah, Mane. As a result, the Portuguese player shines with hat-trick to help the team a 5-0 victory.

Contrary Jota, the total number of goals scored for Liverpool Firmino from early 2020 just 5 goals (1 goal in the season 2020/21). In fact, the influence of Brazilian striker on the team's play not only measured by the goals, but also the ability to connect with Salah, Mane.

However with Jota, Klopp possesses not only a partner of Salah food ideas - Mane, but also top-goalscorer. In other words, the Portuguese players are contributing to raising the Liverpool attack.

Many argued that Klopp wants to "save" Firmino for War with Man City in Premier League Round 8 takes place this weekend. Even so, decide to rely on Brazilian striker on the bench and to Jota waste is too large.

"Trio" Mane - Jota - Salah will help Liverpool beat Man City?

Football athletes constantly, Liverpool can not forever rely on Salah - Firmino - Mane to maintain its dominance ambitious Premier League and Champions League to reclaim crown. A more impressive performances of Jota before Man City can practice "trio" Salah - Firmino - Mane into the past, while birth "trio destroy" the new Liverpool.

Compare achievements and Jota Firmino in season 2020/21

Juniors Ronaldo 6 goals / 4 games, Liverpool have
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