Liverpool are expected to travel to Atalanta in Bergamo difficulties, Italy, not only because of the chipping force of "Kop" but also because the performance of the home team scored. However Liverpool ended the match with a 5-0 victory jubilant, all 3 strikers have scored but the most prominent is the hat-trick of Diogo Jota.

Jota scored a hat-trick
Diogo Jota Liverpool hat-trick helped Atalanta 5-0 lower (Image Source: Internet)

Diogo Jota Liverpool hat-trick helped Atalanta 5-0 down

The Portuguese star coach Jürgen Klopp was chosen to replace Roberto Firmino and he proved his choice was not mistaken. A combination of both the speed and the ability to go the ball that Jota torment the defense Atalanta, and 3 his goals have shown that respect: the table first and the 3rd is from the blow storm through the front defender enemy and press the ball calmly past the goalkeeper, 2nd table legs and a wealth controlled by Chile.

Jota performances received warm praise from the British press and former players. Daily Mail headline big "Jota death" to describe the pros and cons of players last season jacket Wolverhampton, and journalist Martin Samuel writes: "Some players are born to coat a certain team and that's what I can say about Diogo Jota & Liverpool ".

Meanwhile newspaper The Mirror predicted that this time coach Pep Guardiola must have been worried track tapes to prepare for the upcoming big fight between Manchester City and Liverpool. "Jota has scored 7 goals in 10 games, half of which were from the bench, so the efficiency of the Portuguese player is beyond expectations. Guardiola would lose sleep because Liverpool have a new weapon is extremely dangerous before big games, "journalist Mark Jones commented.

"Jota death" scored a hat-trick for Liverpool - Daily Mail headlines

The Independent said the possibility Jota will "disrupt order" in the Liverpool attack. "For at least the past 3 years we have been known Firmino - Salah - Mane as one of the most effective attacking Europe. But Jota is threatening to disrupt that order though he was brought to replenish depth in attack, and in one day but Jota, Mane and Salah were scored, the location of Firmino is threatened ", the article this piece of paper.

On television, the former striker Michael Owen was full of praise for that in Jota Jota when things quite like him during his career. Former Golden Ball in 2001 said: "Jota is a really special talent, if the Liverpool fans do not know they are a world-class rookie time they already know. I really liked the second goal, which is a processing phase and finish unbelievable ".

Meanwhile the tall striker Peter Crouch is admirable Jota with the integration of the new team. "Diogo played as if accustomed to Liverpool for years, many players have to take time to get familiar but long like Jota was born to rock along Salah & Mane striker. Eatery reviews in pass & move between them is exempt from criticism, "Crouch said.