Overview before the 14th Premier Round 14

Sheffield United - MU is the latest battle of the Round 13. Thanks to a dramatic 3-2 victory, the army of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gradually viewed as a champion candidate. If you win against the compensation kick with Burnley, "Red Devils" will then close the Liverpool board with only 2 points less.

MU outstanding out Lower Sheffield in the 13th Premier League

In round 14, MU welcomed Leeds United (23:30, December 20). There is a pretty "bizarre" thing with MU, which is that they are playing badly in Old Trafford and playing very well on away fields. The 0-0 Man City draw in Derby Manchester was the 5th in the 6-star matches this season, "Red Devils" did not win home.

MU's only victory was before West Brom, with a successful penalty kick of Bruno Fernandes. Want to race the Premier League champion, the army of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must win important scores like Leeds United, even though the visitors are also showing an unpredictable gameplay.

According to Forebet prediction, "Red Devils" are having a high form and will defeat Leed United 2-0. This is also an anticipated ratio between Everton and Arsenal, only the victory is expected to belong to Everton, the team recently defeated Leicester.

Overcoming Tottenham to reclaim the top spot, the defending champion Liverpool will play the first round of the round 14 with the operation of the Crystal Palace. This match takes place at 19:30, December 19. Liverpool's Balah - Mane - Firmino nails are back. Therefore, they will not be afraid the home team. Expert of Forebet predicts Liverpool winning easily 3-1.

The second team Tottenham has just lost Liverpool's bitterness, after the 90th minute of Roberto Firmino. But in the 14th round, stars like Harry Kane or Son Heung Min are expected to "sorrow", even if their opponents are Leicester. The ratio of this match can be 3-1.

It is predicted that the ratio of 14 Premier League: MU chase Liverpool,
Liverpool can break out in round 14 (Photo source: Internet)

Liverpool can break out in the 14th round

According to the organizers' calendar, Man City will join Southampton at 22:00, on December 19. Southampton is currently climbing third place on the Premier League rankings with 24 points, only the second team Tottenham is 1 point. Meanwhile, Man City is ranked 9. so expert forebet predicts will have a shock in this round when Man City lost to Southampton 2-3 on away field.

The remaining grandfather is Chelsea against West Ham in the London derby. Losing 2 consecutive matches, HV Frank Lampard will do everything he can to bring Chelsea back to the championship race. Forebet predicts, Chelsea will hold 3 points in Stamford Bridgte, with a result of 3-1.