After 11 rounds, the British Premier League 2020/21 begins to show a clearer regional division. Four leading teams won over 20 points and created a gap more than a win with the rear group. Meanwhile, four clubs at the end of the table have not earned more than 10 points.

MU and Man City will great war at Old Trafford

The next round, the Premier League audience will be witnessed one of the most attractive matches. It was the Derby into Manchester between MU and Man City (0:30, 13/12).

The two big men of the Premier League clashed together in the context of both both breaking up from the middle group. MU is ranked 6th with 19 points while Man City is following behind with only 1 point less.

This means that the game on Old Trafford is no different from 6 points. The team won will leave the opponent behind in the race at least Top 4, or to be further than the championship race. MU was eliminated from the Champions League after a loss of 2-3 RB Leipzig. This is a typical match of "Red Devils" in the past.

They often started slowly and were conducted by the opponent in the second half of the second half. This scenario was repeated in the nearest 3/4 Premier League matches. However, that doesn't happen in the Champions League. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to solve this problem soon and the match with RB Leipzig is a very clear province.

Meanwhile, Man City has undergone a simple and easy match against Marseille. Pep Guardiola gave many pillars to rest but Sterling and Aguero kept working on the field from the bench. MU is suffering from "afraid of rocky stone" is also a small fulcrum for "The Citizen". According to Sky Sports, the score ratio is 1-0 on the visitors.

It is predicted that the ratio of 12 Premier League: Choose Mu or Man City, Tottenham climb slope
Tottenham will be very strenuous with the Eastern Defense game of Crystal Palace (Photo source: Internet)

Tottenham will be very stressful with the majority of Crystal Palace

In the remaining matches, Tottenham's top team will meet an unpleasant opponent. It was Crystal Palace, the team just won 5-1 in the previous round. Roy Hodgson's quick defense, quick counterattack will make Mourinho headache despite Son Heung Min and Harry Kane is very sublimated. This match will take place at 21:15, on December 13 and Sky Sports predicting Tottenham only win with the minimum score.

Meanwhile, the third ranked team is Chelsea to be Everton's guests, the team once stormed the wind at the beginning of the season (3 hours, December 13). Ancelotti teachers are in a bad form but it is wrong if Lampard and the students underestimate their opponents. According to Sky Sports predicted, the two unisoned teams were 2-2.

The defending champion Liverpool must be guests in this round but their opponents are just Fulham, the team is ranked 17/20 (23:30, 13/12). Therefore, winning the entire 3 points are out of reach of Jurgen Klopp and the students. Sky Sports expert said Liverpool won 2-0.

It is predicted that the ratio of the 12th Premier League 2020/21 (according to Sky Sports)

It is predicted that the ratio of 12 Premier League: Choose Mu or Man City, Tottenham climb slope
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