La Liga 2020/21 There are unpredictable developments with the "different" rankings. Atletico Madrid just lost to Real Madrid in the first round but was still leading with 26 points but only competed in 11 games, inferior to 3 matches compared to the second team, Real Sociedad and 2 matches compared to Real Madrid (Tuesday team ). The two teams ranked with points but ranked later due to poor difference.

Atletico Madrid is easy to 3 points

The 14th round, Atletico Madrid opened the earliest troops in the three leading teams (20:00, 19/12) and had the opportunity to widen the distance with the rest because their opponents were just Elche, the team was ranked 14th. With the desire to win the entire 3 points of Simeone teachers, the team comes from the Alacant region hard to leave.

In contrast, Real Madrid is the latest match team of the round (3 hours, December 21). Zidane's teacher has a operational trip to Eibar's yard, the team is quite good time recently. After a difficult phase, "white vulture" has 4 consecutive wins and they just to reach the only one time in this series. It was like a French teacher's affirmation and of course, Zidane would want to have a fifth consecutive victory.

It is expected that the ratio of 14 La Liga: Thanh Madrid jubilantly, Barca met
Barcelona is capable of improving achievement with Valencia (Photo source: Internet)

Barcelona is capable of improving achievement with Valencia

Barcelona was the big man who encountered the most annoying rival in this round. They have to welcome Valencia, their opponents only win once in the last 5 meetings. After many difficulties, the ranking of the teacher Koeman is better and the main character is still Messi. The Argentinian superstar must still have to play the head of the ship when Griezmann and Braithwaite too "harmless".

This is a great opportunity for Barcelona to improve the composition of Valencia because the visitors are not good. The nearest they need to go to the extra time to win the team ... the fourth place, Terrassa at the King's Cup. It was also the latest victory of Valencia in 5 recent matches.

A famous Spanish team is that Sevilla is also quite easy to breathe when he only has to face Real Valladolid, the team of Ronaldo president "fat" (3h, 20/12). The second team Real Sociedad will also try to find joy after losing to Barcelona as a guest of Levante team, the team is ranked 18/20 on the rankings.

Estimated Round 14 La Liga