Real Madrid operates to Giuseppe Meazza with a serious chipping squad. The army of coach Zinedine Zidane lacks axis along Benzema, Casemiro, Ramos. Meanwhile, Inter Milan has the best cards that coach Antonio Conte desires to rescue 2-3 failures that have to receive in the first leg.

Inter Milan - Real Madrid: Covering sharpness, red card turning (C1 Cup football results)
Hazard kicked the opening penalty for Real in the 7th minute (source: Internet)

Hazard kicked the score opening the score after 7 minutes

But Real entered with an impressive head attack. Fifth minute, central defender Naka participated in attacking and bringing a penalty for "white vultures" after the collision with Barella in the penalty area of ​​Inter Milan. The part of Eden Hazard is relatively simple and the Belgian star has completed.

The minutes later, Real Madrid was still the upper team. In the first half, goalkeeper Handanovic many times had to save for Inter. And when Handanovic buckled, it was a wooden frame to help Inter escape, after a moment of Lucas Vazquez's 13th minute.

However, Inter stiffened herself with the ungainly red card of Arturo Vidal, with 2 continuous gold cards because of a reaction error. Previously, the Chilean player said he fouled in the penalty area for Real Madrid and Inter deserves a penalty, but the referee Anthony Taylor and Var rejected.

Inter Milan - Real Madrid: Covering sharpness, red card turning (C1 Cup football results)
Vidal (swimming shirt) makes Inter difficult with the red card in the 33rd minute (Photo source: Internet)

Vidal (swimming shirt) makes Inter difficult with a red card at 33 minutes

After the break, Real is still a more active team thanks to the advantage over people. And then 59 minutes, the score was doubled for the army of Zidane coach. Young player Rodrygo has just entered the courtyard in the 59th minute instead of Mariano Diaz immediately finishes the goal, after the triggering of Vazquez's range. This situation slightly touched Hakimi and UEFA's feet were counted as Hakimi's grid goal.

The last minutes became relaxed with Real Madrid players. Finally, Real beat Inter 2-0, climbed to second place in Table B, less Monchengladbach 1 point. Meanwhile, Inter board with 2 points after 4 matches.

Final ratio: Inter Milan 0-2 Real Madrid (H1: 0-1)


Real Madrid: Hazard 7 '- Penalty, Hakimi (Night) 59'


Inter Milan: Handanovic, Skriniar, De Vrij, Bastoni, Hakimi, Barella, Vidal, Gagliardini, Young, Martinez, Lukaku

Real Madrid: Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Nacho, Mendy, Kroos, Odegaard, Modric, Hazard, Vazquez, Mariano Diaz

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