Officials Premier League is considering a range of alternatives to ensure the safety of the players and the staff when the season back in phase Covid-19 not be controlled, including the use of pitch neutral and increasing the number of players in each match is replaced.

If Premiership not kick off 90 minutes: Manchester United reached the Top 4, astonished Newcastle
MU benefit if the game does not kick off 90 minutes (Image Source: Internet)

MU benefit if the game does not kick off 90 minutes

The latest, chief executive Gordon Taylor Premiership gave a further embodiment, it is shorten the playing time of each half of the match. "We must wait, can not know the future will be like, now it can do is give ideas. Many players take more people, each round can not go 45 minutes, played on neutral ground. A lot of things, "Mr Taylor told BBC Radio 4's division.

Based on this statement, DailyMail sheet immediately to a Premiership standings with 60 minute format / match and 75 minutes / match since the start of the season. Results showed that there are many surprises.

Top spot still belongs to Liverpool on both charts. In the ranking of 60 minutes / match, the Kop over Manchester City 15 points after 29 games, with 67 points in hand (15 points less than the actual rankings). This is because they lost 4 games and also have the same number of draws. At the 75 minute charts / games, they more than Manchester City 16 points - with a total of 72 points in hand (10 points less than the reality). The Kop in the rankings lost 3 and Air 3.

Race to the Top 4 in the charts for 60 minutes / match proved attractive when MU is the most benefit. Ole Gunnar Solskjær's side - currently ranked 5th with 45 points - will jump to No. 4 with 46 points. Get this is by Leicester City fell from No. 3 to No. 5 being down 9 points against reality. 6th ranked team Sheffield United had a great opportunity when replacing MU 1 game in hand and only 2 points less.

The Arsenal equal on points with West Ham in the middle of this ranking does not surprise by the location of the Wolves. Team coach Nuno Santo fact are hunting a Champions League berth when ranked 6th with 43 points. But in this ranking, they stand penultimate being down 17 points compared to reality, just over Norwich City on goal difference.

Newcastle, the team stood on Wolves and Norwich in the table 60 minutes / games, even behind the window at the table 75 minutes / games, with only 26 points after 29 games - down 9 points against the practice, with just 5 wins and scored 17 goals. Newcastle disadvantage can be seen more clearly in the game against Southampton on the 7/3 day, when they won 1-0 in practice, but goals from Saint-Maximin Allan scored again after 79 minutes, so please do not calculated in table 75 minutes / match.